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The Best Crystals for Fearlessness, Freedom & Speaking Your Truth

Published on September 5, 2018

Article by Naima Abdi

What does it take to find the strength to live and speak your truth? Courage? Confidence? Perhaps a little of both? The answer: all of the above and more—specifically radical awareness, action and an outlet to express yourself. Sure, you could write in a journal, draw, paint, exercise, pray or even meditate. But for the seeker in search of a more mystical way to work through any internal roadblocks from attaining freedom, fearlessness and healthy self-expression, crystal healing is a viable option well worth exploring.

What Is Crystal Healing?

two clear quartz with bronze small buddha statue

It’s an age-old holistic energy-based healing practice, that dates back thousands of years, in which crystals are either placed on the body or on a nearby space to help remedy specific ailments, assist in overcoming certain obstacles or to infuse a person, place or object with specific energies. Ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks and more often used gemstones to adorn their bodies, buildings, monuments, statues, amulets and jewelry. Many researchers and skeptics claim that crystal healing is a mere pseudoscience and that crystals themselves have no special meaning or specific healing properties.

Yet their use in science and engineering suggests otherwise. For example, clear quartz crystals, often used in crystal healing to stimulate clarity and focus, vibrate at precise frequencies—so precise, in fact, that they are used to make extremely accurate watches, clocks and other timekeeping instruments as well as equipment to transmit radio and television signals with stable frequencies. But in the ancient world, the metaphysical and sacred healing properties of crystals were utilized in a way that is (by comparison) far more mainstream and accepted than they are today.

In Egypt, it was customary to bury the dead by placing quartz stones on the forehead of the deceased to help guide them into the afterlife. And stones like lapis lazuli were cherished by Pharaoh Osorkon II (874-850 BCE), who wore a pendant made from solid gold and lapis lazuli, along with judges who wore emblems of Maat, the goddess of truth, made from the stone. It’s also well known that Queen Cleopatra loved this mesmerizing stone for its deep blue color and golden flecks so much that she used powdered lapis lazuli as eyeshadow. Nowadays, the practice of crystal healing is still alive—its popularity rising with the changing times as people increasingly seek alternative forms of healing to help them address the stress of modern life.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Please note: This information is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnose or treat any health conditions. If you’re experiencing issues with your health, please visit your doctor or a licensed medical professional as soon as possible.

hand holding crystal

Crystal-healing practitioners believe all minerals from the earth possess a signature vibration that also corresponds with certain color frequencies and areas along the body, including the chakras. Chakras are the spiritual energy centers that channel the Universal Life Force Energy, known as Qi/Ki, both in and out of our physical and spiritual bodies. In total, there are seven main chakras, each with its own intricate meaning and significance. And much like a creek with leaves and debris blocking its passageways, sometimes the energy in our chakras gets stuck and cannot properly flow.

How does this affect us? It depends on the chakra or chakras blocked. For example: imagine that you’re experiencing an imbalance in your root chakra located at the base of the spine, which governs your sense of stability and serves as the interface between your mind, body and spirit. You may feel emotionally overwhelmed with a general sense of heaviness in your body, particularly in your lower back. But for issues around finding the courage to speak your truth, you’ll want to work on identifying and releasing blocks in the sacral chakra, slightly below the navel, for tapping into your inner source of freedom and creativity; your solar plexus chakra, between the solar plexus and navel, for unlocking personal power and confidence; and most importantly your throat chakra for expressing truth and communication.

The aim of crystal healing is to help pinpoint and remove these types of blocks by using the right stones and their energetic vibrations as conduits for clearing and release. Crystal healers also consider aspects such as the color and shape of a crystal (i.e. spheres, pyramids, generators, hearts, eggs, etc.) to be key factors when determining which stones to use and why during healing. But it’s also important to understand that you don’t have to be a crystal healer or even go to one to experience the benefits of working with stones to fulfill a particular purpose. In fact, the beauty of crystal healing is that it’s the perfect DIY activity you can do anytime and anywhere, as long as you have your intuition, a few stones and crystal clear intentions.

5 Stones for Self-Expression & Speaking Your Truth

1. Chrysocolla (For The Throat Chakra)

5 chrysocolla stones


Chrysocolla is a powerful balancing tool used to awaken the mind, express the emotions and promote forgiveness. Use this stone in times of emotional chaos or uncertainty to connect you with your feelings so you can speak your truth with purpose and sincerity.

2. Carnelian (For the Sacral Chakra)

5 Carnelian stones

Passion. Power. Purpose. Carnelian is the stone of creativity and sacred potential. Use it to encourage initiative, endurance and courage or to awaken sensuality and fertility.

3. Shungite (For the Sacral, Throat and Solar Plexus Chakras)

shungite pyramid

From ritual to research, shungite is a powerful healing mineral known by scientists, researchers and spiritual practitioners alike for its strong grounding energy and ability to promote purification and protection on all levels. In pyramid form, it brings harmony and balance to the mind, body and spirit. Shungite is a type of carbon, an essential element for creating and sustaining life. This means it purely aligns with carbon’s elemental energy and is considered a healing and grounding stone, promoting honesty, building faith and peace, encouraging generosity and charity toward others, and nurturing spiritual growth while promoting patience and courage.

4. Yellow Aventurine (For the Solar Plexus Chakra)

yellow aventurine disks

Awaken self-confidence, bravery and untapped potential. Known for promoting self-empowerment, yellow aventurine is used to let go of the old and embolden the truth. Place a piece between your navel and solar plexus during meditation to clear blockages, worries, doubts, anxieties, fears and any other energy that no longer serves you.

5. Blue Calcite (For the Throat Chakra)

5 blue calcites

Blue calcite is said to have calming, soothing energy that can help diminish anxiety and emotional confusion. The openness this stone brings also motivates inspired thinking, quieting the mind so thoughts and ideas can easily flow again.

More on the Meaning of the Seven Chakras

1. The Root Chakra: Stability, self-discipline, physical security and support

Root Chakra symbol

Color: Red

Location: Base of the spine

Represents: Grounding, the earth and the universal source of creation

2. The Sacral Chakra: Freedom, inner courage, creative expression, sexuality and sensuality

Sacral Chakra symbol

Color: Orange

Location: Below the navel

Represents: Motivation, passion, creativity, sexual awakening and fertility

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra: Personal power, confidence, happiness and harmony

Solar Plexus Chakra symbol

Color: Yellow

Location: In between the navel and solar plexus

Represents: The vitality and health of all living things

4. The Heart Chakra: Unconditional love, spiritual growth and compassion

Heart Chakra symbol

Color: Green

Location: The heart

Represents: The bridge that balances the upper chakras (thoughts and mental energies of the mind) and the lower chakras (emotions and feelings)

5. The Throat Chakra: Self-expression

Throat Chakra symbol

Color: Blue

Location: The throat

Represents: Communication, speech, writing, and all forms of connection

6. The Third-Eye Chakra: Intuition, spiritual visions, dreams and premonitions

Third-Eye Chakra symbol

Color: Indigo

Location: In between the eyes

Represents: Inner knowing, cosmic wisdom and sacred insight

7. The Crown Chakra: Evolution, consciousness, enlightenment and universal oneness

Crown Chakra symbol

Color: Violet

Location: At the top of the crown on the head

Represents: Our connection to the universe

Published on: September 5, 2018

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