Featured Thought Leader: Danielle Beinstein

Published on October 9, 2019

Article by Bodhi Tree

Astrology as a Tool to Be Present in the Moment

Astrological Counselor Danielle Beinstein urges us to look beyond the predictive details of astrology to understand our core experience as individuals. “When we start to live from the inside out, we start to recognize that everything is energy and life becomes more magical, we become the protagonists of our own story.”

People gravitate to astrology because they want a sense of control over their lives, but to insist on ‘knowing’ actually divorces us from the present moment, says Beinstein. She encourages us to use astrology as a tool to be present in the moment and to know ourselves better. If we can believe in ourselves and strengthen our self-esteem, we can approach life in a less fear-based way and take a responsive instead of a reactive approach to everything that comes our way.

“We are a culture of control freaks. A lot of people come to astrology because they want to know… they think if they know what’s going to happen, they’ll know how to respond. But when you live life from the outside in, you’re missing the point. Because your focus isn’t on who you are, it’s on what everything else is. I’m interested in flipping the script of that.”

In this teaching, Beinstein grapples with everything from fate versus free will and the idea of personal responsibility, to the applications of natal charts and the lunar cycle.

Published on: October 9, 2019