What Is a Spirit Feather Wand?

A white feather, leather-wrapped shaft and round crystal all combine to make this White Spirit Feather with Rose Quartz Orb wand. What is a wand, really? It’s a ritual tool associated with magic and moving energy that’s used in ceremonial practices. Wands were first seen in the hands of Egyptian pharaohs in cave drawings. Notable figures depicted with wands include the Greek god Hermes, King Arthur’s Merlin and the Norse god Thor.

How Do You Use It?

Crystal practitioners suggest using a wand by first setting an intention, then holding the point either toward the body to channel positive energy inward, or away from the body to draw out negative energy. The feather end can be used to fan energy in circular motions.

What’s Special About this Wand?

Rose quartz, known as the “heart stone,” is cut and polished into an orb, a shape honoring female energy. Crystal healers believe rose quartz can help heal emotional wounds and reawaken the heart to create a feeling of deep contentment, allowing you to give and receive love freely. Coupled with a white spirit feather, which connects you to feelings of trust and faith, this wand brings you closer to your own personal liberation, free from what ails you and receptive to your highest potential. Wands make a great gift—to yourself or someone you love.

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