Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for July 16–23, 2017

Published on July 17, 2017

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

We are one month away from the Total Solar Eclipse at 28:53 Leo that will traverse the United States from the Oregon Coast near Portland through Charleston, South Carolina. At the end of this week, on July 23, the New Moon forms at 0:44 degrees of Leo. Within this month, as the Sun moves through the tropical sign of Leo, we have two New Moons in the sign that symbolizes creativity, radiance, passion and the heart. This marks the start of a month to be joyful, generous and fired up to express our passions and create. Paint your world with bright colors; dance to your favorite music. Take a leap forward with juicy projects and dreams. Imagine if we all took an evolutionary step forward this month to be more generative and more generous, and to allow our inner light to shine brighter. I encourage you to make courageous, creative commitments on this New Moon next Sunday, and then at the Solar Eclipse on August 21 to celebrate the progress, discoveries and contributions that you have made.

Sunday the 16th contains a full plate of edgy aspects. The Moon joins Uranus and highlights the Mars-Uranus square that perfects on Monday. The Mars-Uranus square is a volatile combination, so you will want to be extra careful on Sunday and over the next few days. Mars-Uranus is exciting. It is not a time to take risks with dangerous things, but it could be a good time for risks in new endeavors or personal growth. New inventions or relationships can emerge. Challenge yourself to do something new and stimulating.

A Sensual Start to the Week

All things sensual are heightened this Monday and Tuesday with the Moon in Taurus. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning that it is high functioning. The Taurus Moon helps us speak well and appreciate the beauty, smells and tastes that bless our lives. Slow down and take time to enjoy the smell of the roses. Against this lovely backdrop, Mars and Uranus clamor in a feisty square that may jag our nerves or ruffle feathers, exact on Monday, but then in effect for the next few days. The planetary combo is reckless, so exercise extra caution. This edgy planetary square can also break some things free from stuck places. Monday evening ends on a sweet, inspiring note (Moon sextile Neptune). Tuesday is golden with a trine between benefics (i.e., traditionally considered to have a favorable influence) Venus and Jupiter. The day is further boosted by three benefic lunar aspects to Pluto, the Sun and Mars.

Wednesday’s and Thursday’s Gemini Moon promises clever and curious days. Wednesday is Mercury’s Day (Miercoles), and Mercury is Gemini’s ruler, giving us an extra dose of Mercurial, trickster energy. A Mercury-Saturn trine helps us ground our myriad thoughts. Thursday is loaded with planetary aspects equating to activity, mostly benefic. However, the Sun squares Uranus, which could bring some surprising twists and turns. Mars leaps into Leo, where it is much livelier than it was in Cancer. Our creative juices are stirred. In order to make the most of these aspects, be bold and clever, and open to discovery.

End of Week: Focus on Family

Focus turns to family on Friday and Saturday against the backdrop of a Cancer Moon. Friday is dreamy and sentimental. In tune with the flow of the day’s energies, I’ll be hosting a family dinner. Saturday steams with dynamic heat that is capable of the sort of alchemy that could destroy or create. The Cardinal, action-oriented Cancer Moon forms a dynamic Grand Cross pattern with Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a turbo-charged planetary pattern that has great potential for change. However, go slow and be careful, as the pattern is volatile. The Sun changes signs tropically into Leo, the sign it rules. The next month calls for summer fun in the Sun! It is time for summer vacation. My trip to Missouri for a vacation with old friends and family vacation is perfectly timed to begin on this day. Our family reunion begins on the New Moon in Leo, which is also conjunct Mars. Four planets and the North Node are in Leo. This is an extra-hot combo, so heed the rays of the hot summer Sun.  Be sure to wear sunscreen and stay cool! Answer the call to splash and play.

The New Moon in Leo

Sunday brings a New Moon in Leo, conjunct with Mars. Time to play and create, and hang out with children. Set creative, courageous goals for the month ahead. This is a day for fun and pleasure. It is a very hot day with the New Moon conjunct Mars. Seek shade and enjoy the day.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Edgy, volatile day. Do something new and exciting.

Monday: Delicious day! Speak kind words and appreciate the beauty around you. Break free from old patterns.

Tuesday: Golden, blessed, benefic day! Make it more so.

Wednesday: Ideas abound on this clever and curious day.

Thursday: Creative juices stirred. Be bold, clever and open to discovery.

Friday: Dreamy and sentimental day for focus on home and family.

Saturday: Turbocharged cardinal Grand Cross primed for action and change. Go slow and be careful, but make things happen.

Sunday: New Moon in Leo—time for summer fun in the Sun. Stay cool and wear sunscreen.

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Published on: July 17, 2017

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