Kind and Compassionate in the Summer Solstice

Published on June 17, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree


This week marks a seasonal change. The Sun moves from spring to summer on Friday, June 21, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Neptune turns stationary retrograde on the summer solstice for a five-month backward spin until November 28. With Neptune in stronger focus, we may be kinder and more compassionate, imaginative and inspired, but we also may be less focused and have difficulty maintaining boundaries. This week we have some long periods when the Moon is void of course: all day Wednesday and Friday. Leave these days for routine tasks, and plan meetings, shopping, and activities involving decisions for other days of the week.

The week starts out with new possibilities and ideas

The Full Moon early Monday combines with Jupiter, generating positivity and exuberance; Jupiter is square to Neptune. With Jupiter and Neptune in the mix we can imagine new possibilities—new places to travel, new ideas to explore, and greater beauty to create. Set your sights far and wide, and allow your imagination to soar. Where would you like to go? What new doors would you like to open up for yourself? The Moon moves into taciturn Capricorn Monday morning at 9:13 a.m. PDT. After a slow Monday morning beginning, we are off to a solid and productive start to the work week.

Planetary aspects Tuesday and Wednesday create a crescendo of dynamic energy. This challenging, invigorating energy can provoke anger and result in explosions. However, if it is put to work in a conscious, positive manner it can result in strong work and bold outcomes. These demanding aspects call us first to examine what no longer works in our lives and to let go so that we can embrace a bold and better future. Tuesday’s exact Saturn-Neptune sextile helps us ground and manifest our ideals and visions. We are mentally invigorated by a Mars-Mercury conjunction. Have a pen and paper handy to capture your many brilliant ideas.

Mars and Pluto oppose each other exactly on Wednesday, linked closely to the nodes and to Saturn and Mercury. Let off steam through vigorous exercise Wednesday morning, and plan to lean into the challenges before you. The Moon is void of course for a long period all day Wednesday, so use this energy to work on a worthy project, and don’t waste your time on meetings or connections that are likely to deliver no results. At 7:01 p.m. PDT the Moon moves into dispassionate Aquarius and takes some of the pressure off. Gather with friends and lighten up.

The Summer Solstice wraps up the week, symbolizing home and family

Independence and innovation are themes for Thursday as an Aquarius Moon aspects Uranus at the start of the day. The morning may not go as planned, but be open to what you can discover if your plans turn sideways. Juno, the asteroid symbolizing partnerships, moves into Leo, hearkening us give extra appreciation to our partners, now and throughout Juno’s stay in Leo until August 23rd. Consider a summer of praise for your beloved. Gather with friends to celebrate the Sun’s last day in Gemini, and the official end of spring.

The Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and marking the beginning of summer, arrives on Friday, June 21. The Sun moves into Cancer which symbolizes home and family. With children on summer vacation, it is the time of year designated for us to spend more time with family. After the Moon makes benefic aspects to Venus and Jupiter, giving the day a benevolent lift, it is void of course for 24 hours, from 7:01 a.m. Friday through 7:02 a.m. on Saturday. Your time will be best spent not trying to make connections or decisions. Neptune is stationary turning retrograde for the next five months until November 28. When Neptune is stationary, its symbolism is amplified. We may be more spacey, but also we can be more imaginative and compassionate. It’s a perfect evening for a family outing to a theater production or a movie.

Allow your vision and imagination to guide you through a dreamy weekend

The Moon is in dreamy Pisces on Saturday, casting a relaxing calm. The Sun and Moon are in a happy trine aspect, giving us a sense that all is well. Allow this to be an easy, dreamy Saturday. Work in your garden and do something creative. Enjoy some music in the evening—something different to express Uranus’ sextile aspect to the Moon.

Sunday is yet another dreamy day, but one where we may feel overextended by the day’s activities. You can stretch toward your goals and can accomplish some things, allow your vision and imagination to guide you.

The Week in Short

Monday: Full Moon in Sagittarius encourages exploration. The Moon in Capricorn helps us get a lot accomplished.

Tuesday: Bold, dynamic, invigorating, productive day.

Wednesday: Lean into the challenges before you, but don’t waste time on meetings or on things requiring decisions. Moon VoC all day 4:10 a.m. – 7:01 p.m.

Thursday: Assert your independence and allow innovation to lead you to discovery.

Friday: Summer solstice; Sun into Cancer. Neptune stations retrograde. Be inspired and creative. Moon VoC 7:02 a.m. through Saturday at 7:01 a.m.

Saturday: Lazy, easy day for gardening, relaxing, and puttering.

Sunday: Dreamy day, though much can be accomplished. Allow vision and imagination to guide you.


Published on: June 17, 2019

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