How to Use a Crystal + Feather Wand

Published on July 15, 2017

Article by Lisa Truesdale

A wand can make you feel magical and powerful—like King Arthur’s Merlin, or the Norse god Thor, or even Harry Potter.

Waving a wand around might also make you feel a little silly at first. But wands are nothing to laugh at. In fact, they have a serious (and very long) history, first depicted in cave drawings in the hands of Egyptian pharaohs.

How to Harness the Power of a Crystal and Feather Wand

Today wands are still used to gather healing energies and redirect them where you’d like them to go. During smudging ceremonies, during which you clear your aura or your living space of negative energy and unwanted emotions, wands can also be used to fan and redirect the smoke from the smoldering sage or palo santo.

Each of our White Spirit Feather Wands has a rounded end featuring a polished healing crystal (more on that below). The other end is a beautiful white spirit feather, which connects you to feelings of trust and faith. Energy is directed into the wand through the rounded end and then flows outward through the pointed end.

To use your wand in a healing ritual at home, first set your intention for the session. Hold the rounded end and point the feather end in the direction you want the energy to go—toward the body to channel positive energy inward, or away from the body to draw out negative energy. The feather end can also be used to fan the energy in circular motions.

To deepen the experience, a White Spirit Feather Wand can be used during meditation sessions. Hold the rounded end in the palm of your left hand (the left side is symbolic for the receiving of energies), and point the feather end towards your heart to direct universal healing energies inward.

Which Crystal Should I Choose?

When choosing a Crystal Feather Wand, you may want to select based on the crystal and how it matches with your intentions.

Crystal Feather Wand with rose quartz

To support emotional healing and awakening the heart, try rose quartz, known as the “heart stone.” Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra and taps into feminine and goddess energies. Because it offers peace and calm and helps to dissolve anger and resentment, this crystal can be called upon to help you attract a soul mate, manifest unconditional love in any relationship, or attract compassion and kindness.

spirit feather wand amethyst

Looking for calming energy? If so, you’ll want amethyst. This is the stone of contentment and spirituality, and it possesses vibrant healing and cleansing capabilities. By helping to open up the crown chakra, amethyst can connect you with your higher consciousness. Using the amethyst feather wand in your personal ritual will help you make difficult decisions and assist you in reaching your most important goals.

Crystal Feather Wand clear quartz

Clear quartz is known as the master healer stone because it works with all chakras, all planets, all elements and all astrological signs. Don’t let the fact that it’s clear fool you. It’s not a simple stone at all, and the clarity is the reason why. Clear quartz carries the full spectrum of light within, offering true clarity about every aspect of your life. Choose this crystal when you’re seeking to amplify your energy, your intentions and your thoughts. It’s also perfect for spiritual growth or to focus your powerful energies on your own special gifts.

Published on: July 15, 2017

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