How to Promote Fertility with this Antique Nandi Bull Statue

Published on August 29, 2017

Article by Bodhi Tree

What Is It?

This is a bull—a Nandi bull. The Sanskrit word nandi means “happy, joy and satisfaction.” According to Hindu tradition, Nandi bull is the gate guardian of Lord Shiva’s (a prominent Hindu deity) abode. Historically, Nandi came of age as an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and did penance to become his gatekeeper. He then came to be depicted as a bull. Typically, the animal is white to symbolize purity and justice.

Why a Bull?

Nandi’s depiction as a bull originates from a time in India when people were mainly rearing cattle, and deeply desired a god to protect their most essential property. As well, Shiva, arguably the most “down to earth” god, was to be associated with an animal that was close to the people. Thus, a bull that represented their mainstay.

What Do You Do with This Nandi Bull Anyway?

This statue is best used for home décor, even on a personal altar. In particular, you can use this Nandi bull in your home to promote fertility. For those wishing to induce pregnancy, touching the feet or testicles of the bull may help. It can also be displayed in an office or creative space to help inspire and access the imagination—essentially to come up with fresh, creative ideas. Nandi bull’s talents are many, so be clear what you wish for.

Published on: August 29, 2017

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