How to Use the Post-Eclipse Cosmic Intensity to Manifest Your Goals

Published on August 28, 2017

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for August 27–September 3, 2017

The Solar Eclipse triggered some intense geological and atmospheric events: Hurricane Harvey in South Texas, Typhoon Hato in China near Hong Kong, and several volcanoes, including Popocatépetl in Mexico and Poás in Costa Rica. Politically, the Solar Eclipse and the Saturn station undoubtedly had some influence on the chaotic “unmerry-go-round” in the US executive branch, with the removals of Steve Bannon and later Sebastian Gorka, mounting tensions between Trump and Mitch McConnell, scorching denunciations (and tweety recriminations) of Trump from several Republican senators and ex-senators, and demonstrations around the country. In four hours on Friday, with Hurricane Harvey about to wreck the lives of 15 million citizens, Trump issued a transgender ban in the US military, pardoned medieval Sheriff Arpaio, who had been convicted of federal civil rights violations, and fired Gorka.

Another Mercury Retrograde Reminder

Saturn has just turned direct in motion, but Mercury continues retrograde until September 6, along with five other planets: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, and Juno. During the time that Mercury is retrograde, there are often mechanical failures and mistakes in written and spoken communication. Check twice for appointment times, agreements and accuracy of communication. Be patient and understanding about errors and mix-ups. This Mercury retrograde cycle is made for review, re-considering, re-negotiating, and re-working.

Time to Manifest Your Goals

Sunday’s big cosmic event is a Jupiter/Saturn sextile, urging us to do the practical work to manifest our goals. This aspect bridges the tension between expansion and contraction. The Moon is in Scorpio on Sunday, stirring our emotions. We want to draw inward when the Moon is in Scorpio, and dive deep. Mars is conjunct the North Node, a combustible aspect. Put the volatile energy to work by getting vigorous exercise. Watch an intense movie, or go to an evocative concert. Get things organized Sunday evening for Monday and the week, including deciding on what you will wear, as the Moon is Void of Course (VoC) Monday morning, and getting out the door will not come easy.

Expect a slow start to the work week Monday morning. The void Moon that begins in the wee hours does not end until 12:48pm PDT. This is not a time for meetings, appointments or tasks that call for decisions. Energies start to get focused on goals as the Moon emerges into Sagittarius tropically when the VoC Moon passes. Later, a sweet, benefic Moon-Venus trine gives a beautiful, joyful evening.

Tuesday, August 29 (my birthday), is graced by the gregarious optimism of the upbeat Sagittarius Moon. However, we may feel some discontent as a result of a couple of hard aspects. Keep your eye on the prize; don’t give in to doubts! Sagittarius loves to move, especially the thighs, so hike, run or climb stairs.

Work Gets a Boost Midweek

The exuberance and optimism fostered by the Sagittarius Moon are reigned in Wednesday morning when the Moon conjoins Saturn, an aspect good for work and sensible, measured decisions. This sound start to the day is amplified and energized by benefic aspects to the Moon from Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. With the day’s mix, a lot of things can be accomplished, and results may be better than usual.

Work is the theme for Thursday through Saturday morning, supported by the Cardinal Earth Capricorn Moon, whose job is to get things accomplished. The Capricorn Moon combines with the task-oriented Virgo Sun to make these days supercharged for accomplishment. Mercury moves into playful Leo to lighten our minds and add some fun. Friday the Moon conjuncts Pluto and shines its light on the powerful Jupiter-Pluto square. This could result in big challenges…or provide the energy to push through tasks and realize big accomplishments.

Slow Down on Saturday

After all the work you will have completed over the past two days, go easy Saturday morning while the Moon is Void of Course (9:30am to 1:06pm PDT). When the Moon is VoC, it’s a good time to putter in the garden, take care of routine tasks at home, or read a book. Shopping for the holiday weekend is best delayed until mid-afternoon. The day may be full of surprises and big leaps (Mars trine Uranus). Open up to new possibilities in the afternoon and evening.

Sunday is framed for friendship. The Aquarius Moon calls for freedom and independence, new thoughts and ideas. Gather with an interesting mixture of friends and family on this Labor Day weekend Sunday. What can you learn from surprising conversations and different points of view?

The Week in Short

Sunday: Take stock of the days’ tension between expansion and contraction; make a plan for manifesting a dream.

Monday: Moon is Void of Course from 2:38am–12:48pm PDT. Slow, perhaps confusing start to the day, and then things pick up. Brilliant, buoyant evening.

Tuesday: Optimistic, upbeat day! Get some exercise, especially for your legs.

Wednesday: A lot can be accomplished, with good results.

Thursday: Supercharged day for getting a lot accomplished.

Friday: Another powerful day for big accomplishments.

Saturday: After a lazy morning with Moon VoC, surprises and big leaps are possible.

Sunday: A day for friendship and conversation. Consider other points of view.

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Published on: August 28, 2017

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