All the World over : Notes from Alaska – Paperback


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John Muir’s account of his journey to southeastern Alaska in 1879 offers an incomparable view of a magnificent wilderness as well as a rousing adventure story. With an artist’s eye and a poet’s passion the great conservationist describes the glories of his voyages through the Alexander Archipelago, up the Stickeen River, and along the mainland coast, vividly evoking the pure wildness of the Alaskan countryside. With an adventurer’s spirit he gleefully paints a rollicking picture of the village on Wrangell Island, where natives and settlers peacefully share the challenges and joys of frontier living.
All the World Over, animated by John Muir’s passionate love for nature, conveys the exhilarating freshness with which explorers of the last century saw the untouched world before them as something wonderful and new. A sublime gift from a place and a time gone by, it remains profoundly relevant today.

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