The Bodhi Collective


Explore themes of mind, body, spirit, and the cosmos through our program of curated talks and practical exercises led by luminary teachers, activists, healers, and spiritual leaders.

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About the Subscription

Your Bodhi Collective subscription gives you access to a library of inspirational learning journeys, complete with comprehension activities, practical exercises, and journal reflections. Downloadable ebooks share original content, from rituals for mindful living to metaphysical exploration. A rare archive of Bodhi Talks brings to life the intimate salons hosted in our legendary Los Angeles bookstore. These resources are yours to harness at your own pace, in your own time. Our interactive online portal allows you to engage with others in an illuminating and supportive community.

Why We Love This

The Bodhi Collective is the culmination of years of investment and engagement within a passionate community dedicated to exploring our personal and collective spiritual journeys. As you embark on your own learning path, we encourage you to embrace unfamiliar fields and unknown terrain. Our library includes curated wisdom across themes of mind, body, spirit, cosmos, tribe, abundance, and nature. By expanding our consciousness, we catalyze our awakening.


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