Haus Interior Desert Haus: Mesquite + Cypress Scented Candle

Hand-poured candle with a pacifying scent


Why We Love This

The 10 thoughtfully designed fragrances in the Haus Interior collection have been formulated to evoke experiences of particular dwellings to transform space and transcend mood. We love how the mix of sweet cypress and rustic mesquite are drawn straight from the landscape to make the Desert Haus Candle.


In many cultures, a burning candle is a symbol of spiritual sustenance, setting a tone for a meditative mood, while its scent can transport. The Desert Haus Candle captures the soothing landscape with notes of cypress and smoky of mesquite, believed to attract good spirits. A trace of patchouli adds a muskiness to keep one grounded. Made from all-natural coconut wax and hand-cast in Los Angeles, every 14-ounce candle is poured into an eco-friendly kraft container. It has an average burn time of 70 hours.

About the Maker

Nina Freudenberer and Bryn Schuyler are the creative forces who built Haus Interior. Committed to designing environments based on inventiveness and intuition, this bicoastal duo is known for their refined interiors with an attention to comfort and detail. They’ve also developed an exclusive line of candles that reflect their mantra of modern and clean meets natural and warm, which brings this sensibility into any living space.

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Weight 24 oz



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