Over Dyed Square Pillow

A multicolored hand-dyed pillow, available in two sizes


Why We Love This

Richly colored stripes and exotic patterns make this pillow a stunning addition to any home or office. We love how it boldly sits on its own as well as how it easily blends with other textiles. Made from 100% overdyed cotton, it turns any room into a sanctuary of style and warmth.


Overdying is a labor-intensive method where fabrics undergo a bleaching and sun-drying process, enhancing the pattern and making it more pronounced on a lighter background. The result is a design with an aged timelessness. This feather-filled pillow’s back is a solid white, and it boasts a full-zip closure so it can be easily removed for dry cleaning. Founder and designer Deepali Kalia works with her family in India to source and create stunning home wares that bring meaning and warmth to any home.

About the Maker

Filling Spaces, a textile workshop based in Portland, Oregon, was founded by owner and designer Deepali Kalia. Born and raised into a textile family in India, she grew up surrounded by luxurious fabrics. Today, she still works with her family’s factory, sending designs directly to them for production. All of her pillows embody rich artistic traditions of creativity and craftsmanship. Her modern creations are new interpretations of traditional techniques that bring warmth and style to any home.

Additional information

Weight 42.6 oz





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