Physiology Coloring Workbook


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Physiology Coloring Workbook is a breakthrough approach to learning and remembering the body’s processes. Written and illustrated by experts who are both research scientists and teachers , it features 250 striking, original illustrations that will give students a clear and enduring understanding of physiology.

Learning interactively, through coloring, thoroughly fixes physiological concepts in the mind and takes less time than memorizing from textbooks. Physiological processes are fully explained, and complex subjects are approached through the gradual introduction of simple drawings.

The authors employ a logical and consistent use of color to convey invormation; for example, arterial blood is always red, whereas venous blood is blue, and capillary blood is violet. Each lesson includes clearly displayed labels and specific coloring instructions.

This book is an invaluable and lasting resource for students in disciplines including anatomy and physiology, biology, nursing, physical therapy and rehabilitation, medical technology, nutrition, physical education, allied health and health sciences.

The 250 plates in the book are organized in the following sections:

The Cell
Transport Mechanisms
Nervous System
Cardiovascular System
Renal System
Respiratory System
Gastrointestinal System
Endocrine System

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