Secret Language of Dreams : A Visual Key to Dreams and Their Meanings

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Now available in mass market trim, The Secret Language of Dreams is an imaginative, full-color guide to do-it-yourself dream interpretation. Acclaimed author David Fontana draws upon the works of Jung, Freud, and other theorists to teach readers to decipher the messages hidden within our nocturnal rambles. Fontana identifies common dream symbols and archetypes and then examines how they are altered by an individual’s character and experiences, makingThe Secret Language of Dreams a unique resource for personal exploration. The book also includes a richly illustrated dream dictionary, presenting the most common dream symbols, organized by theme for easy reference. With tips on keeping a dream diary and techniques for learning to control dreams as they happen, as well as to remember them after waking up, this is an insightful and proactive handbook to enriching one’s nightlife.

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