Smudge – Mini Variety Pack

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A three-pack of individually bundled cedar, mugwort, and sage to clear one’s space


Why We Love This

Dried sage, cedar, and mugwort are bundled and tied with organic cotton string to be burned for the ritualistic cleansing of a space. Perfect for a new home, a new chapter, or where an ending meets a beginning. We love how this unique triage of scents sanctifies a room and invigorates the senses, replenishing positive energy.


Burning sage, a ceremony known as smudging, is a Native American practice. When lit and smoldering, this fusion radiates a natural, earthy aroma that purifies and leaves a room balanced and grounded. Sage smoke actually alters the ionic composition of the air and can affect mood and lessen stress. Sage’s earthy, fresh scent is said to enhance intuition and lift the spirits. Cedar offers odor absorption with an outdoorsy scent. As a tonic, mugwort boosts the cleansing properties of this variety pack.

About the Maker

Juniper Ridge is committed to bringing the beauty of the untamed landscapeófrom the forest to the desertóinto one’s home and life. Because their products are made with materials that cannot be bought, they forage mountain meadows, wet earth, beneath fir trees, and along trails of the American West to create all-natural wilderness elixirs. Beginning in the field, these are refined and finished in their Oakland, California workshop. Additionally, 10% of all profits are donated to Western Wilderness Defense organizations.

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