Sun Tzu on the Art of War : The Oldest Military Treatise in the World


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He will win who knows how to fight – and when not to fight. This is the classic translation of the Chinese military masterpiece, and it remains the best as it preserves the character and nuances of the Chinese original. The inspiration of Mao Tse Tung and countless generations of military leaders, it was written in antiquity and consists of thirteen chapters that reflect the mind of a born strategist and practical soldier whose maxims, full of acuteness and common sense, relate as much to the present day as they do to the military conditions of the time when they were written. Preceded by critical notes on Sun Tzu and the history of his work and including key Chinese characters, chapters are devoted to laying plans; waging war; attack by strategem, tactical dispositions, energy, weak points and strong; manoeuvering, variation of tactics, the army on the march; terrain, the nine situations, attack by fire and the use of spies, followed by an extensive index. As useful in the pursuit of success in modern business as it was in ancient warfare, this volume also relates to all aspects of personal and everyday life in which you must either be a winner or a loser.

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