ZenBunni Holy Smoke All Natural Incense


Farm-to-stick incense made from an ancient recipe of a variety of Indonesian herbs and spices


Why We Love This

These handcrafted wands of incense create a mystical cloud of smoke that fills the room with a scent evocative of campfires and the wilderness. The calming sticks are also grounding, making them ideal for rituals and ceremonies or everyday life.


In keeping with the five-thousand-year-old tradition of burning incense, these wands are handmade in small batches, sourced from a group of farmers throughout Indonesia. Each farmer grows and cultivates a separate crop; then they all come together to hand roll them, letting days pass between adding each layer, building them up into short, fat incense sticks. The scent is a secret recipe created by two Indonesian herbalist women, composed of nine different herbs, flowers, roots, and spices, including citronella, java pepper, and a flower that is closely related to ylang-ylang. Unlike conventional thin incense sticks, these are designed to burn longer and to be able to extinguish them without the stick breaking. They are made without any synthetic binders or toxins. Set of 30.

About the Maker

Zen Nishimura and Bunni Nishimura are the husband-and-wife duo behind ZenBunni, the magical California chocolate and incense shops (sometimes called ìrabbit holesî), one in Venice, one in Santa Monica, California. They bring creative backgroundsóZen as a fashion designer, Bunni as a photographeróand a cosmic spirit to their unique, handmade products. Whether baking their renowned small-batch confections or commissioning Indonesian incense from organic herbs, the couple is true to the ancient methods of biodynamic farmingóplanting and harvesting according to moon cycles, in harmony with nature.

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Weight 2.24 oz
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