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Bodhi Talks on Sustainability and Activism

Published on October 25, 2017

Over the next few months, we’re introducing seven categories of Bodhi Talks, and this is our second: Sustainability and Activism. What are Bodhi Talks? Beginning in the 1970s, the original Bodhi Tree bookstore in Los Angeles held events featuring readings, interviews and lectures by authors, thought leaders, healers, philosophers, teachers and scientists. Thankfully, these Talks were recorded and have been digitally remastered so that we can still learn from their insights today. We are honored to share these words of wisdom with you now in a lifetime subscription here.  

Bodhi Talks on Sustainability and Activism

There’s no better time than the present to consider becoming a more active citizen—so the question is: What inspires you to want to contribute to the greater good? In this second category of Bodhi Talks, we explore government, the definition of time, peaceful resistance, as well as angels and spirit guides as pathways to live a more enriching and sustainable life.

In this set of Talks, philosopher Jacob Needleman examines the role of government and urges us to inquire more deeply into our American origins and, through that, our soul. In his Talk, José Argüelles explains why we must change our definition of time, and details his Dreamspell, The Galactic Calendar or The 13 Moon/28-Day Calendar. Tibetan scholar Robert Thurman explores how modeling peaceful resistance, like the Dalai Lama has done, shows the world that nobody is free unless all beings are free. And authors Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer urge us to team up with angels and the channeled messages of animal spirit guides, so that we can experience miraculous healings and have a greater appreciation for our own instinctual nature. In times of change, the ways in which to contribute are numerous; the key may be finding the way that speaks directly to you.

All of these individual Bodhi Talks are insightful on their own, though in conjunction, they may provide you with just what’s necessary to propel you on your journey toward a more meaningful and enriched existence. Although we’re highlighting just one Bodhi Talk category, we’ve released a total of 26 Talks in this first offering, covering a range of topics, so stay tuned for more spotlights. In the meantime, you can listen to audio samples of these 26 Talks and learn more about this bundled subscription here. Or simply listen to the luminaries mentioned in this story below.

Bodhi Talks on Sustainability and Activism

Jacob Needleman:

Bodhi Talks on Sustainability and Activism

José Argüelles:

Bodhi Talks on Sustainability and Activism

Robert Thurman:

Bodhi Talks on Sustainability and Activism Bodhi Talks on Sustainability and Activism

Doreen Virtue and Steven Farmer:

Published on: October 25, 2017

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