How to Reap the Benefits of the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn

Published on December 25, 2017

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for December 24–31, 2017

The Sun and Saturn have just marched into Capricorn, joining Venus and Pluto in this cardinal, action-oriented, earth sign. There is now fuel for productivity and accomplishment! Saturn represents government. Jupiter is now in Scorpio, symbolizing wealth, debt and taxes—other people’s money. Note the tax reform bills were just voted into law as the Sun and Saturn moved into Capricorn. Mercury has just turned direct, so communication and plans can move forward. The importance of the Saturn/Sun conjunction at 0 degrees of Capricorn cannot be overemphasized in its significance.

Why the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn is so Intense

Here are some observations by Astrologer Alan Oken about this Capricorn Sun/Saturn alignment. It is rare for me to go into this kind of detail or lean on a colleague, yet this is rare and complicated, presenting opportunities that we each should seize. Oken is just excellent here:

“As the year ends, Capricorn begins on a most intense note. This is the ‘cazimi’ conjunction of the Sun and Saturn at 00.12 degrees of the celestial Mountain Goat. A few notes of explanation are required in order to highlight and define the importance of this contact:”

  1. “A ‘cazimi’ conjunction means that the two planets involved are less than half a degree apart in orb. This greatly intensifies that nature of the planet’s influence as the Sun vitalizes all spheres that it touches and the most intense of these geometric contacts/aspects is the conjunction of which the cazimi is the closest in nature.”
  2. “This is thus a very important time in which each of us should be prepared to practice discipline, patience, dedication and responsibility to all areas of our life signified by the natal house placementof the Sun/Saturn conjunct in the birth chart. In essence, this…is great for making seriously binding new year’s resolutions and indeed for making lifelong resolutions.”
  3. “Let’s not think that Saturn at 0 Capricorn applies only to our career; it speaks about the culmination of all our life efforts. This transit should be taken seriously, as when Saturn is obeyed and respected, many benefits are likely to come to us, and conversely, when we refuse to incorporate certain beneficial restraints and limitations into our lives, suffering is bound to follow. Thus, if you know that the time has come for a diet, time to release oneself from alcohol or other addictions, time to gather together research in order to write a book, time to make amends for when we have been in error in relationships, time to build financial structures for our future, etc., Saturn at 0 Capricorn especially when conjunct the Sun indicates that now is the time to do it! After all, Saturn is Chronos, Father Time.”
  4. “It is very rare for the Sun and Saturn to be together at 0 Capricorn (the Solstice) and thus create an exact conjunction at that critical and sacred degree!”
  5. “Saturn as we know rules ‘limitations,’ and in a world where the consensus for ‘good’ is ‘more is better’ and hence the great success of ‘all you can eat’ buffet restaurants (especially in the USA) with the resulting epidemic of obese children and adults, this is not necessarily the case. A balanced life is the goal (Saturn is exalted in Libra): Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction); Uranus (freedom) and Saturn (discipline), when combined lead to harmony and wholeness.”

A Pisces Moon Ushers in Compassion on Christmas Eve

Sunday, Christmas Eve, is an energetic day full of mixed aspects, both flowing and challenging. The Pisces Moon is idealistically compassionate and generous. Employ the care and compassion of the Pisces Moon to give time and/or money to those in need as a holiday gesture of kindness. This would be a good day to write out your year-end checks for organizations whose missions serve your soul. Christmas Day’s energies are edgy, so center yourself on Sunday in love and compassion.

The Pisces Moon is void of course (VoC) all day Monday, Christmas Day until 4:27pm PST. The day may not go quite as planned. You may have a difficult time getting to holiday dinners. If your day is slow, open and loosely planned, then that’s perfect for this year’s Christmas Day planetary alignments. If you have plans and commitments, allow extra time for getting where you need to go, and get things ready to go the day before. Relationships may feel strained as a result of the Venus/Saturn conjunction that is squared by the Moon. We also may feel the pinch of the money we have spent. As much as possible, chill and enjoy, and channel frustration into gratitude for those in the orbit of your holiday. A new lunar cycle begins in the evening as the Moon moves into Aries.

Tuesday is quieter in the cosmic backdrop. However, an Aries Moon does not rest easy; it is always fired up for adventure! Take a hike with your Christmas guests or explore something new, or do both. A lunar trine to Mercury makes open conversation easy.

Attend to Routine Tasks Midweek

Wednesday’s Aries Moon makes turbulent alignments with Pluto and Uranus. However, a Mars-Neptune trine may calm the choppy seas. Expect some ups and downs—and flow with them. The Moon is VoC for a long period from 12:57pm to 10:23pm. This is not a time to exchange Christmas presents or shop. Simply attend to routine tasks that need to be accomplished post-Christmas.

All things sensual are highlighted Thursday and Friday with the Moon in Taurus, where it is exalted and highly functioning. This Taurus Moon makes benefic trine aspects to Saturn, Venus and the Sun in Capricorn. Much can be accomplished on practical matters. Apply yourself and work hard, but make it pleasurable. Pay homage to the Taurus Moon by listening to good music, enjoying good food, and taking pleasure in the beauty around you. Take a drive to enjoy Christmas lights while they are still up in your neighborhood.

The Planets are Primed for Relaxing This Weekend

All day Friday the Moon is VoC—from 6:00am until Saturday at 12:31am. Between holidays, and just before the New Year’s holidays, make this is a day to relax, connect with loved ones, take time out and read a book, or go on a hike in nature. Like Wednesday, this is not a day for shopping and definitive activities. Hang! If you live in the wine country, it is a perfect day for wine tasting.

Saturday and Sunday the Moon is in gregarious, chatty Gemini, a quite different energy from the numerous planets in serious cardinal earth Capricorn. The energy for the next three weeks overall is somber and sensible, with four planets in Capricorn (Sun, Saturn, Venus and Pluto). The Moon in Gemini lightens the load this weekend with conversation, connection and good humor.

The last day of 2017, New Year’s Eve Sunday, boasts an opportune sextile to the Moon from Uranus. The snap, crackle and pop of New Year’s Eve is symbolized by the planetary energies. We could expect a few surprising conversations. The Moon is VoC from 3:38pm PST through Monday, January 1. The opportunity and invitation of this New Year’s Eve hearkens to the Sun-Saturn conjunction. This is a sober New Year’s Eve. It calls us to consider how to declutter our lives, and to consider the power of limitations. What is most important? What no longer serves us? How can limitations create a more balanced life? Aligning with the planets, it’s a New Year’s Eve to celebrate simply, perhaps at home, in meaningful conversation with just a few close friends.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Mixed day, full of energy.

Christmas Day, Monday: Ease into a slow, loosely planned day. Compassion trumps strained relationships. You may feel the pinch of Christmas expenses.

Tuesday: Gear up for adventure and get moving!

Wednesday: Mixed day with ups and downs. Moon VoC 12:37pm to 10:23pm PST: Time to attend to routine matters.

Thursday: Productive day. Work hard against the backdrop of good music, food and visual landscape.

Friday: Moon VoC all day! Read, hike or do yard work. Handle routine matters.

Saturday: Enjoy connection and conversation.

Sunday: Sober New Year’s Eve, with some surprising conversations. Usher in a new year of responsibility, decluttering and upgrading.

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Published on: December 25, 2017

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