An Explosive Mars-Pluto Square Brings Conflict & Frustration This Week

Published on January 28, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for January 28–February 3, 2019

The two recent eclipses are in our rearview mirror, and some heavy energies have lifted with the Sun’s movement into Aquarius. This week’s theme is freedom and independence, and yet this week holds a dynamic, explosive Mars-Pluto square that could help us empower ourselves and move out of ruts. Midweek the Moon joins Venus and Jupiter in high-spirited Sagittarius, in benefic aspect to Mercury and Sun in freedom-loving Aquarius. All of these planets favorably aspect Mars and Uranus in independent Aries. The week ends with a New Moon in Aquarius, inviting us to reset our friendships and group endeavors, and to be bold and inventive.

The Workweek Begins with Relaxed Energy

The Moon continues to shine in Scorpio on Monday, but is more relaxed than it was the last couple of days. A benefic Moon-Pluto sextile will help us lean into the workweek with strength and resolve.

The Moon is in bright and sunny Sagittarius from early Tuesday morning through late afternoon Thursday, highlighting themes of travel, adventure and learning. Sagittarius invites us to look at the big picture of life and to explore other cultures and ways of thinking. Make time for a hike or bike ride, or put on your dancing shoes. Sagittarius symbolizes the movement of the hips, so get them moving. The Sun conjuncts Mercury in Aquarius, highlighting independent thinking and the discovery of new ways of doing things. Read or listen to a podcast that will stimulate new thought.

A Sagittarius Moon Midweek Brings Expansive Possibilities

Wednesday is a golden day, with the energetic Sag Moon joining Venus and Jupiter, and making a benefic sextile to the Sun/Mercury conjunction. If you open your mind to new ideas and solutions, the sky is the limit. The Moon activates the Jupiter-Neptune square, enabling us to envision expansive possibilities if we can work with the challenges and confusion. Embrace this exuberant day with zest, optimism and forward motion.

Thursday, the last day of January, holds a practical and hopeful influence from a Saturn-Neptune sextile. The Moon aspects Venus and Uranus, alignments that could give some nice surprises with love and money. The Moon is Void of Course (VoC) from 2:33–4:47pm PST, and then shifts into Capricorn, ushering in a more serious, conservative tone, which will help us deal with the challenging Mars-Pluto square that perfects on Friday.

Expect Conflict & Frustration Toward Week’s End, Thanks to Mars & Pluto

Give some thought to how you will work with the volatile, demanding, aggressive energy that abounds Friday and Saturday. Mars and Pluto square off; this dynamic, explosive combination can draw us into conflict, or enable us to push through difficulties. Friday the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Saturn, signaling the importance of responsibilities and limits. Saturday the Moon conjuncts Pluto, further stressing the importance of determined focus on goals and responsibilities, and demanding that we honor boundaries and limitations. These are days for hard work. If presented with conflict and frustration, be prepared to take time out, exercise patience and keep your cool. A benefic Venus-Uranus trine, exact on Saturday, stirs excitement and can offer some release of pressure, especially if you are open to surprise.

Thankfully, the pressure will be eased on Sunday when the Moon moves into friendly Aquarius. It’s a day for gathering with friends, the perfect backdrop to Super Bowl Sunday gatherings. The game is likely to be quite a fight with the Mars-Pluto square still in effect. A benefic Mercury-Jupiter sextile broadens our thoughts and makes for upbeat conversations. Venus moves into Capricorn for the next few weeks, amplifying our commitment to hard work and saving money.

The Week in Short

Monday: Lean into a powerful workweek with strength and resolve.
Tuesday: Get your glow on and allow your free spirit to soar.
Wednesday: Golden, exuberant day. Open your mind to new ideas and solutions.
Thursday: Practical, hopeful day with some nice surprises.
Friday: Volatile, dynamic, challenging day. Think twice before you act and keep your cool, as you may be prone to anger and aggression.
Saturday: Another demanding, challenging, volatile day. Honor limits and work hard.
Sunday: Gather with friends, and open to new thoughts and broader perspectives.

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Published on: January 28, 2019

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