What the Super Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse Means for You

Published on January 29, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for January 28 to February 4, 2018

This week’s big event is the first eclipse of 2018, a Total Eclipse of the Moon on January 31 . This Full Moon in Leo opposes the Sun in Aquarius at 11:37 degrees. This degree is close to the first of last August’s two eclipses at 15 degrees of Leo/Aquarius. Eclipses in this polarity call for balancing our personal, creative needs with collective, social needs. This week’s eclipse is flanked by celestial bodies symbolizing relationship and nurturing (Venus, Juno and Ceres). This is an opportunity to look at where we have restricted love through jealousy, resentment or self-pity. Leo wants to be adored and appreciated. The power of this eclipse calls us to embrace our shadows of blocked love through deeper understanding, give ourselves greater self-love, and through self-understanding and healing, expand our capacity to express love to others.

The Moon is void of course (VoC) for long periods Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. When the Moon is void of course, energy does not connect; it is not a good time for meetings, shopping or anything requiring decisions or definition. During the void Moon, it is best to tend to routine tasks such as gardening or cooking. Or take the time to read a book or take a walk.

The Week Begins with a Compassionate Cancer Moon

The Moon is VoC Sunday morning until 10:57am, so enjoy a leisurely breakfast and reading of the Sunday paper. Then the Moon rolls into compassionate Cancer. Sunday is a day for home and family. The Moon-Saturn opposition Sunday evening calls for planning the work week ahead, attending to responsibilities and honoring limitations. Cook a nourishing dinner and enjoy it with loved ones.

Monday the Moon continues in compassionate Cancer. The day is framed with benefic alignments to Neptune in the morning, and to Jupiter in the evening. These alignments are expansive and visionary. Pluto opposes the Moon, stirring deep feelings. Grief, anger, resentment or passion may need to be expressed, and it will be easier to do so with the grace of the lunar trines to Neptune and Jupiter bookending the day. The Moon-Pluto opposition can be employed to get a lot accomplished.

The Moon is VoC Tuesday morning from 8:40am through 10:53am PST, so the morning will be slow and dreamy. At 10:53am PST the Moon moves boldly into Leo. Then it is time to fire up and get moving. A Moon-Mars trine midafternoon gives a strong push toward movement in a positive direction.

What Wednesday’s Total Eclipse of the Moon Means for You

Wednesday, January 31, the last day of January, holds the first eclipse of the year, as described above. The total eclipse of the Moon is at 11:37 degrees Leo/Aquarius. Mercury ingresses into Aquarius. This is a powerful day. However, the power of an eclipse may affect our lives for several months before or after the actual eclipse. The symbolism of this eclipse is to open our hearts, heal our wounds around love and nurturing, and expand our capacity for giving and receiving love. A guiding quote from Marianne Williamson is apt for this alignment: “We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.” Lay out your clothes for tomorrow and pack your bags for the day Thursday, as the morning will not be clearly defined due to a VoC Moon.

Tidy Up and Tend to Details Later in the Week

Thursday morning starts slow, as the Moon is VoC again from 2:58am through 11:13am. Then the Moon moves into industrious Virgo, where it resides through midafternoon Saturday. It is the time of the month to clean house. A lunar trine to Saturn amplifies this energy for creating order out of chaos and giving our home and work spaces an industrious scrub.

Friday is declared for tidying, cleaning and taking care of a myriad of details. The Moon makes favorable alliances with Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter, helping us rise above the petty details of life, and yet enabling us to attend to them.

The Weekend Brings Harmony

The Sun is at 15 degrees of Aquarius, halfway between the winter solstice and spring equinox, known an Imbolc. The Moon is VoC Saturday morning until 1:47pm PST, when it dances into Libra. Use the last degrees of the Virgo Moon for attending to routine tasks and organizing your life. If shopping is needed, do it after 1:47pm PST. Mercury is in harmonious aspect to Mars; we are talkative and confident in our conversations. Our minds race with thoughts and ideas. Venus is square Jupiter, so watch a tendency to overspend this weekend. The Libra Moon desires relationship, grace and harmony. Make time for a beautiful, easeful dinner Saturday evening with someone special.

We are blessed with a beautiful Sunday to end the week and begin another. The day is colored with benefic aspects to a suave Libra Moon (Mercury and Sun trine Moon, Moon sextile North Node). In addition, Pallas Athena trines Saturn; this combination in earth signs Taurus/Capricorn gives us the capacity to sensibly plan and strategize the week ahead.

The Week in Short

Sunday: Moon VoC until 10:57am PST. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast, then focus on home and family.

Monday: Compassionate, visionary, expansive day. Deep feelings are stirred.

Tuesday: Moon VoC 8:40am to 10:52am PST. Then fire up and get moving.

Wednesday: Full Moon Total Eclipse! Expand your capacity for love—and express it.

Thursday: Moon VoC 2:58am to 11:13am PST. After 11:13, get moving on an industrious clean-up.

Friday: Clean, organize and work on checking off your “to do” list.

Saturday: Moon VoC until 1:47p.m. PST. Full of ideas, it is a good day to socialize and engage in conversation.

Sunday: A blessed, beautiful day. Sensibly plan the week ahead.

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Published on: January 29, 2018

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