Expect The Unexpected This Week As The Stars Bring Chaos And Intensity

Published on July 16, 2018

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for July 15–22, 2018

We are now in the eclipse high season. A Solar Eclipse occurred on July 13, to be followed by a Lunar Eclipse July 27, and another Solar Eclipse August 11. Retrograde Mars is conjunct the South Node, exact on Friday, the 20th, indicating a potent, volatile time, especially as Mars is out-of-bounds in declination. Uranus lurks close enough by square aspect to make us accident prone, so go carefully and cautiously, and keep things simple. Use this strong energy to get lots of exercise and to make things happen, but also remember to be mindful of your temper, what you say and how you say it.

Mercury goes retrograde soon on July 25, and we’re already in its shadow phase. Finish travel plans, and tie up decisions and loose ends in the coming week before the Mercury retrograde period July 25–August 18.

The Sun is in its last days in Cancer, the sign symbolizing home and family. Friday and Saturday the Moon is in Scorpio, stirring emotions. These are days to garner your awareness, as we are more emotionally volatile than usual, especially with the added heat of the Mars/South Node conjunction. Uranus forms an edgy square aspect to the Mars/South Node conjuncation, creating a particularly explosive energy. Be awake, and plan these days carefully, taking some time out for yourself.

The Week Begins with Productivity, Inspiration and Accomplishment

Sunday kicks off on a slow start with the Moon Void of Course (VoC) until 10:31am PDT, when it moves into Virgo. This Virgo Moon forms a Grand Earth Trine to Saturn and Uranus, creating a productive, fortunate stage for weekend chores and tasks that need to be completed, with a few surprises possibly in the mix. Organization and efficiency come easy, so use this energy to get ready for the week ahead.

Monday is an opportune day to put your life in order. You can accomplish a lot with drive and efficiency, buoyed by a Moon-Jupiter sextile, and the inspiration of a Moon-Neptune opposition. Whistle while you work, and amaze yourself at all you can accomplish.

A Libra Moon Brings Focus and Signals A Time for Harmonious Gatherings

The Virgo Moon’s industrious energy is still with us on Tuesday morning, though the Moon is VoC until 12:42pm PDT. Then the Moon glides into copasetic Libra. The Libra Moon’s aspects (square to Saturn and trine to Mars) push us toward action and accomplishment in the afternoon and evening.

Wednesday is fairly quiet on the cosmic front. Against the backdrop of the Libra Moon, take some easy time and socialize with good friends. A romantic dinner in a lovely setting is the perfect expression of this day’s energies. The late night is agitated by a Pluto-Moon square, so get to bed early before you get cranky.

Expect The Unexpected Midweek As Chaos and Emotions Run Deep

Thursday is edgy, framed by a T-square with a first-quarter Moon that opposes Uranus. Put this challenging energy to good use; lean into a project and give it the works. You may also realize some brilliant insights. The Moon is VoC all afternoon through 6:13pm PDT, so it is best not to try to accomplish anything requiring decisions or definitive plans. The Moon-Uranus opposition may influence a change in your course. Expect the unexpected.

The Sun winds through its last days in water sign Cancer on Friday and Saturday, while the Moon dives deep in the murky waters of fixed water sign Scorpio. Emotions run deep these two days. We need to go easy and take more time for ourselves. The steamy Scorpio Moon forms a tense square aspect to the fiery conjunction of retrograde Mars conjunct the South Node. This volatile aspect occurs between the solar and lunar eclipses, adding fuel to the fire. These are stressful days, so keep things simple and be especially awake and conscious. The load is lightened a little Friday evening as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and trines Neptune. Let your imagination soar.

Relief comes Sunday as the Moon bounces into sunny Sagittarius and the Sun moves into playful Leo. These luminaries in the fire signs propel us out of the hot, swampy waters of the past two days. Set out for a playful adventure, such as the free summer concert or a day in nature. With the Sun in Leo, the world is looking much brighter.

The Week in Short

Sunday: A Productive day for the efficient fulfillment of tasks and chores.

Monday: Get organized and get your life in order.

Tuesday: Moon VoC until 12:42pm PDT, but routine tasks can be accomplished with the last of the industrious Virgo Moon.

Wednesday: Easy, social day.

Thursday: Edgy day, but a lot can be accomplished. Moon is VoC 12:52-6:13pm PDT, when you should avoid making decisions.

Friday: Hot, steamy, emotional day.

Saturday: Another hot, steamy, emotional day. Take time for yourself and relax.

Sunday: Sunny, buoyant day. Set out for a fun adventure.

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Published on: July 16, 2018

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