Celebrate the Zodiacal New Year with the Spring Equinox This Week

Published on March 17, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast for March 18–24, 2019

This week’s Astro Forecast is dedicated to astrologer Cathy Coleman’s husband Ralph Metzner, who passed away on March 14, 2019, of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). Ralph was a recognized pioneer of psychological, philosophical and cross-cultural studies of consciousness and its transformations. He was also an accomplished astrologer, once in private astrological practice in addition to his counseling psychology practice. Peace and blessings to Ms. Coleman.

The Sun is still Pisces for a few more days, closing out the winter season, ushering in the Spring Equinox, when the Sun moves into Aries on Wednesday, March 20. For a few more days, we drink in the gifts of Pisces: sweetness, beauty, inspiration, spirituality, creativity and compassion.

The shift into Solar Aries brings passion, warmth, excitement and zest for adventure and new beginnings. This week is full of time when the Moon is void of course, time when the Moon is making no Ptolemaic (major) aspects to any other planets. The Moon is void nearly all day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you want to make the most of the week, plan routine, inconsequential tasks for those days, and plan meetings, shopping and activities involving connections and decisions for Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mercury continues retrograde through March 29 in its sign of debilitation, Pisces. In Pisces, Mercury is weak, prone to confusing communication.

Start Your Week with Organization and Planning

You may want to extend the weekend through Monday and declare it a personal holiday with the playful Leo Moon as backdrop. The Moon is void of course all day from 8:19 a.m. to 6:41 p.m. PDT, framing the day for routine tasks.

Meetings will likely be a waste of time, as it is difficult to make sound decisions when the Moon is void. When the Moon moves into Virgo at 6:41 p.m. PDT, we will want to get organized and plan the rest of the week. We may want to think about some new ways of doing things in the light of a Moon-Uranus trine since things may not go as expected.

With the Moon in Virgo on Tuesday, it is time to clean house and get organized. A lot of things on your “to do” list can be accomplished. Get busy!

Mid-Week Brings Practical Energy for Manifesting the Life You Want

Wednesday is an extremely active day in the cosmos. The Sun moves into Aries, heralding the Spring Equinox, and marking a new year zodiacally. There are six planets at 23 degrees, amplifying this degree. If you have any planets between 20 and 26 degrees, you will be influenced by these planets at 23 degrees: Eris, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Vesta. Close by within one degree are the North and South Nodes (24 Capricorn and Cancer) and Pluto. In addition, the Moon is Full at 0 degrees of Aries/Libra. We are primed for new growth.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron, setting the stage for healing and holistic thinking. Mars trines Pluto, firing up our courage and resolve to charge ahead. Mercury sextiles Saturn, fostering sound, responsible writing and communication. The Moon makes six aspects with other planets, mostly positive. There is a great deal of practical energy for manifestation. Although the Moon is void of course nearly all day, from 8:22 a.m. through 6:28 p.m., this day is primed for action. It is not a day for decisions or definitive meetings, but rather it is a great day for tackling issues or projects and getting a lot accomplished.

The Moon is in copasetic, tranquil Libra both Thursday and Friday. Venus makes a benefic sextile to Jupiter on Thursday, expanding possibilities and possibly bringing monetary increase.

Numerous aspects that are positive, challenging, interesting and surprising abound on Friday. The Sun conjuncts Chiron, symbolizing the wholeness of our lives. Take stock of the different aspects of your life and how well they work together to compose the life you want. Work hard, consider possibilities, expect the best and be open to surprise. The Moon is void of course for a long period on Friday from 11:10 a.m. through 7:16 p.m. During this time meetings and decisions are not defined; stick to routine tasks. Meet challenges with grace and resolve.

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The Weekend is Ideal for Quiet Relaxation

The Moon shines in the sign of Scorpio on Saturday. We need to withdraw and spend some time alone with ourselves. Relax and ponder the meaning of things that deeply matter.

Sunday is yet another extremely active planetary day. The afternoon and evening may be tense, and prone to volatile interactions (Moon opposite Mars and Moon square Venus). Volatile energy holds great potential for action, so put it to good use and get some things accomplished. Get yourself organized for the week ahead prior to 7:24 p.m. PDT, and then relax into the evening.

The Week in Short

Monday: Moon is VoC from 8:19 a.m. through 6:41 p.m. If possible, extend your weekend and take a personal holiday. Do something fun.

Tuesday: Clean house and get organized.

Wednesday: Extremely active cosmic day. Full Moon signals new growth. The Sun moves into Aries: Spring Equinox, a new zodiacal year begins. Moon VoC 6:22 a.m.–6:28 p.m.

Thursday: Meet challenges with grace and resolve and open to possibilities.

Friday: Work hard, expect the best and be open to surprise. Moon VoC 11:10 a.m.-7:16 p.m.

Saturday: Draw inward and take some space for yourself.

Sunday: Active day, prone to volatility. Be mindful of choices and how you handle challenges.

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Published on: March 17, 2019

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