Astrology for Beginners: Understanding Your Moon Sign

Published on March 20, 2019

Article by Suzanne Gerber

Uncover Your Deepest Self with Your Moon Sign

As you deepen your understanding of astrology beyond your Sun sign, one of the next critical things to learn about your (or anyone’s) chart is the position of the Moon at birth. (This can be calculated for free at

While the Sun’s placement speaks to your outer self—your conscious drives, self-expression and obvious personality traits—the Moon’s significance is subtler and more hidden. Your Moon sign speaks to your inner life, your emotional responses, desires, attractions and parental influences, especially from the mother, as well as how you relate to women in general.

Of course, it’s far more complex than saying “all people with Leo Moons are a certain way.” Instead, we look at how the Moon relates to the Sun and other planets, and the house position is also important. But your Sun and Moon signs are fundamental starting points.

Here’s what to know if your Moon is in…


These folks are decisive action takers, following their own drummer and never the pack. They’re comfortable in their skin, if not always the most emotionally sensitive. They’re courageous, though it can border on recklessness. Some Aries Moons are self-centered in relationships and even dominant. As a fire sign, they act quickly, often impulsively, and prefer starting things to finishing them. As horn-banging Rams, they’re prone to headaches. Their motto: It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.


For the steadfast Bull, slow and steady is the preferred pace. They don’t relish change. In fact, many require external motivation to act. This is the Moon’s “exalted” position, bestowing a calm, patient temperament and pragmatic approach to life. Taurus Moon is concerned with financial security, which is a prerequisite for emotional stability. An earth sign, they love nature and gardening, have good (expensive) taste and lead with their senses, especially touch and taste.


It’s easy to call Gemini Moon people fickle or emotionally superficial, but that’s because this air sign takes an intellectual, rational approach to affairs of the heart. They’re charming, fun and excitable, but can struggle to commit for the long haul. They’re attracted to upbeat, witty people and anything new. Because of their high-revving nervous system, they need to stay active, and until they do settle down, they might have a number of lovers and suitors.


This is the Moon’s “home” sign, and it’s very comfortable in this sensitive, compassionate position. Cancer Moons are deeply emotional people, and their feelings—like the phases of the Moon—change quickly and are impossible to hide. These water babies feel every slight (real and imagined) and are highly empathic. They’re generally close to their mothers and family in general, and crave a stable, peaceful home life. They love to garden, do crafts, cook—and eat!


Proud fire sign Leo Moons are generous to a fault, often with a string attached. They are fiercely loyal and dedicated, but they demand the same in return. They’re fun, funny, entertaining and extroverted, and the fuel they run on is constant attention and affection (hence their susceptibility to flattery). Most Leo Moons have never met a spotlight they didn’t love and are wonderful raconteurs. They’re first-rate playmates, even though they can be bossy and domineering.


As the sign of service, Virgo Moons need to feel useful. They’re quick to help, even when it isn’t wanted. They are tidy and organized, which can border on obsessive. These earth sign Moons are precise, cautious and hard-working, and take their health very seriously. Many are finicky about food and diet (and everything), needing their meals to be healthful and delicious. Some can be overly nitpicky and critical, but that’s because of their high standards for themselves.


Libra Moons take their cues from others, aiming to please the people they care about, especially partners (which, when taken to the extreme, can foster codependence). They are the peacekeepers of the Zodiac, going to great lengths to avoid conflict. They’re charming, elegant and “allergic” to anything vulgar, crass or unsavory. As an air sign, they’re social creatures who generally have a lot of friends. Nonjudgmental, they are sometimes accused of being superficial, fickle and flirty.


Scorpio Moons don’t “do” emotions lightly; in fact, they do nothing lightly. They are driven by passion, lust and desire. Because the Moon is in “fall” (discomfort) here, these folks can struggle with dark moods and intense reactions, such as jealousy and rage. When Scorpio Moons are on your side, you have the fiercest partner and defender. But hurt them and they’ll hatch revenge fantasies. Willful and powerful, these water sign Moons are either “all in or all out” in relationships.


As an action-oriented fire sign, Sagittarius Moons are natural adventurers and risk takers. They are idealistic, high-minded and deeply principled, which when taken to extremes can lead to dogmatism. These folks love a spirited intellectual debate, especially if it’s about philosophy, law or religion. They’re attracted to foreign lands—and people—and often partner up with folks from other cultures and backgrounds. Though loyal, they are the lone wolves of the Zodiac.


The Moon is in “detriment” in Capricorn, the sign diametrically opposed to the Moon’s ruler, Cancer. In this materialistic earth sign, the Moon is out of its natural element. Capricorn Moons are cautious, sometimes shy, and always ambitious. Future-minded, they have goals for their professional and personal lives in equal measure. While not overly emotional or expressive, they’re loyal mates with traditional family values. They are impressed with status and success, and happily make sacrifices to attain both.


Aquarius Moon people get accused of loving “humanity” more than individuals. As a socially aware air sign, they love the camaraderie of groups, embracing a “one for all” mindset. Because they cherish freedom, some struggle with intimacy. They tend to process their emotions through a rational filter and fail to pick up on others’ attractions or needs. They’re the Zodiac’s eclectic progressives, and while they’ll make you feel special, it might also feel a bit impersonal.


People with their Moon in this hypersensitive water sign soak up others’ feelings like “psychic sponges.” Despite their being introverts, their urge is not merely to bond but to merge, and as a result, many struggle to maintain healthy boundaries. This can lead them to isolate themselves for self-protection or feel victimized. They’re highly imaginative and feel (rather than think) their way through life. When afflicted, a Pisces Moon seeks escape, whether through substances or flights of ungrounded fantasy.

Published on: March 20, 2019

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