Express Creative Passions and Enthusiasm This Week with Planets in Leo

Published on July 29, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree


The sky is full of planets in Leo tropically this week, with Venus and the Moon joining the Sun, Mars, and Juno, calling us to express our creative passions and enthusiasm. This month, while the Sun is in Leo through August 22, aligns with summer vacation. Take time out to play. A New Moon forms on Wednesday, signaling a new beginning wherever Leo expressed itself in our horoscopes. Mercury turns direct on Wednesday as well, signaling that we can now move forward with plans and projects.

The week begins by changing old habits.

Monday is a powerful day for personal change. The Moon’s benefic sextile to Uranus encourages us to change old habits. The Sun’s square to Uranus draws us toward freedom. Moon in Cancer encourages us to nourish ourselves.

Tuesday is the edgy, uncomfortable day of the week now when the Moon aspects the Saturn-Pluto-South Node alignment. The Moon in Cancer seeks comfort, and yet its opposition to this demanding Saturn-Pluto conjunction is anything but comfortable. Attend to your feelings and let them guide you. Aspects of your life that no longer serve you may be confronting you. The Moon is dark just before the New Moon tomorrow, so take some solitude.

The new moon midweek sparks your inner Leo.

The New Moon emerges in the sunny sign of Leo on Wednesday. The Moon joins Venus, Sun, Mars, and Juno on the Leo stage, an invitation to play and creative expression. The Sabian symbol (according to Dane Rudyhar in An Astrological Mandala) for this New Moon is “glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.” The breath symbolizes the spirit that is blown into a creative manifestation. Into what creative endeavor could you breathe your spirit? A new relationship? A new business? A new project? With Venus conjunct the Moon, relationships can be improved or begun as the heart opens. Mercury stations direct at 8:58 p.m. PDT.

With Mercury now direct, we can begin to move forward with plans and projects that we have re-thought during the Mercury retrograde period. Thursday is buoyant and exuberant with the Leo Moon conjunct Mars, and in a benefic trine to Jupiter. Almost anything seems possible.

The week ends with an opportunity to get things in order.

With the blessings of a mutable earth Virgo Moon, Friday and Saturday are framed for getting your life in good order. Much can be accomplished efficiently. On Friday there may be unexpected twists and turns, so be open to the flow. On Saturday the Moon aligns with Saturn and Pluto, an invitation to lean in and give your life the works. Yet, this vigorous workday is softened by a Moon-Neptune vision, widening our perspective.

The gracious and harmonious Libra Moon casts its light on Sunday and Monday. The Moon’s benefic sextile to Venus gives opportunity. Relax into Sunday and go easy, even though you may feel some agitation in relationships.

The Week in Short

Monday: Powerful day for personal change.

Tuesday: Edgy, challenging day. Moon is dark, so take some solitude.

Wednesday: New Moon joins four other planets in Leo. Breathe into creative projects.

Thursday: Buoyant, exuberant day of possibilities. Mercury now direct, so move forward with projects and goals.

Friday: Get your life in order.

Saturday: Give your task list the works. Clean and get organized.

Sunday: Easy day to relax.

Published on: July 29, 2019

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