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These 3 Steps Can Move You From Feardom to Freedom

Published on July 4, 2017

Article by Jim Phillips for Bodhi Tree

There is no right path or wrong path; there is only your path. Seldom will you hear such freeing words. Seldom will you experience such fear.

Fear? Why would you experience fear when you accept that your path is your own and you can live as you choose? Why would you experience fear when you have released your Self from the constraints of living up to the expectations of others and society?

Understanding Feardom

The term to describe this condition is “feardom.” According to Urban Dictionary, feardom is “the state of having freedom, but being afraid of expressing it.”

Every person is a trailblazer, a pathfinder exploring uncharted territory. No one—no soul who has lived before you or after you—will follow the same path as you. Your path is your path created by you as you make each decision and take each subsequent step.

Feardom is the knowing that we have this freedom to choose the path we follow, yet are reluctant to take full responsibility for the attendant consequences. The responsibility is more than we believe we can bear so we shift the responsibility outside of our Self to others, to life circumstances, to forces of nature, to God.

The truth is that we are responsible for our unique life experience through the choices we make and the beliefs we hold. Our life path is no more and no less than these cumulative experiences during this and subsequent lifetimes, or what I call “souljourns.” Every event of life is an experience, and every experience makes up our life path.

The key to releasing our Self from the grip of feardom is to understand our chosen life path, assume responsibility for it and consciously follow these three simple steps.

3 Steps to Releasing Our Self From Feardom

Step 1: Define

We must first define who we are, who we desire to be and how we are going to be the expression of these desires. This is the essence of our life path. We must define our life path as the unfolding of our true Self through the experiences we create specifically for that purpose.

Step 2: Embrace

After we have defined who we are and who we desire to be, we should embrace and embody our beingness. We claim, own, honor and respect our Self for who we know our Self to be and for the unique life path we have chosen for the full expression of it.

Step 3: Experience

Once defined and embraced, we allow and become the full expression and experience of the truth of who we are. We experience this truth throughout this journey called life.

Moving from Feardom to Freedom

The morphing from feardom to freedom is not an easy process, however it is why we have chosen to be here. We have been led to believe there is a specific life path to follow with a certain reward at the end. And yet, each life path is a personal, unique journey of revealing and experiencing the truth of who we are.

We live in the illusion of who we believe we are while simultaneously living in the illusion of who we believe we are not.

As we move from feardom to freedom, the fog is lifted that has obscured the truth of who we are and have always been. It is the freeing of oneself from a self-imposed prison. And the reward for doing so is knowing and experiencing our Self as Divinity.

Published on: July 4, 2017

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