Harnessing the Energy of the Earth’s Chakras

Published on April 21, 2018

Article by Mary Harpin for Bodhi Tree

There is widespread belief that Earth—also known as Gaia—is a living being with an energetic body that we can connect to and commune with. Like other forms of life, our planet has powerful points and meridians of energetic activity similar to the chakra points in humans, which, with their confined pools of energy, govern our mental and instinctual abilities.

“For me, the earth is a living being, an entity that is ultimately conscious,” Jude Currivan, PhD, physicist and author of CosMos: A Co-creator’s Guide to the Whole-World, tells Bodhi Tree. “In that sense, one can consider Gaia as having energy meridians, having conscious energy in the same way that we humans have energy meridians and chakras as part of our energetic, informational bodies.”

Aligning with the energetic frequencies of the planet’s chakra points can potentially raise or realign the frequency of energy in our own bodies, providing the growth, healing and spiritual development we need at a given time. But there are many conflicting opinions on where these seven (or more) chakras are, exactly how to connect with them, and whether or not we should think about these chakras as sacred sites necessary for personal growth.

What and Where Are the Earth Chakras?

About 2,500 years ago, Plato theorized that the planet had a dodecahedral, spherical grid, meaning that the earth is geometrically constructed like a soccer ball, with 12 flat faces joined on all sides. Plato’s wasn’t a new concept, nor was his the only earth-grid theory. Artifacts as old as 20,000 BC point toward an awareness of these mathematical concepts. Constructions like Stonehenge and the pyramids, built with energetically charged stones and crystals like basalt and quartz, suggest a common knowledge of the earth’s geometric construction and energetic body.

If you imagine Earth as a sphere built of intersecting shapes fused together, the center is gravitationally neutral. The furthest points from the center—the “open corners”—are the most powerful points of energetic activity. As a dynamic entity, electric and magnetic fields flow throughout, but peak at each vortex.

These points may correspond to Earth chakra sites, although some believe the sites move and change as energy flows. They are now commonly believed to be:

First Chakra (Root, base):

Location: Mt. Shasta, California

Symbolizes: Divine source, our roots, the interface between body, mind and spirit

Inspires: Innocence, purity, hope, self-discipline, creative power

Second Chakra (Sacral):

Location: Lake Titicaca on Bolivia/Peru border

Symbolizes: Kundalini energy, creative birth, sexual energy, fertility, seat of playfulness, evolutionary advancement, relationships of all kinds

Inspires: Freedom, developing inward sense of self and outward awareness of others, experiencing the world through creative expression

Third Chakra (Solar plexus):

Location: Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Australia

Symbolizes: Vitality and health of all living things, source of insight, memory and higher learning, peace

Inspires: Personal power, contentment, standing still in the midst of conflict, selfless service, harmony

Fourth Chakra (Heart):

Location: Glastonbury or Shaftsbury, England

Symbolizes: The bridge balancing upper (thoughts/mind) and lower (feelings) chakras where spirit or true self resides

Inspires: Unconditional love, spiritual growth, compassion, devotion, discernment, sense of oneness

Fifth Chakra (Throat):

Location: The Great Pyramids, Egypt, or Mt. Sinai/Mt. of Olives

Symbolizes: Connection to nature, communication “headquarters,” portal to other dimensions and entities, voice of the earth, mutual respect for life forces

Inspires: Clarity and unity in purpose, self-expression, diplomacy, playful detachment, power, will, harmony

Sixth Chakra (Third eye):

Location: Western Europe (presently in transit to Brazil)

Symbolizes: Realization of the eternal, mystical, authentic self, applying wisdom to future advancement

Inspires: Intuition, spiritual vision, truth, forgiveness, compassion

Seventh Chakra (Crown):

Location: Mt. Kailash, Tibet

Symbolizes: Connection to sense of unity and oneness

Inspires: High levels of consciousness and enlightenment, wisdom, illumination, awareness that separation is an illusion

How Earth Chakras Can Impact Us

In her essay Earth Chakra Points and Vortices, intuitive Bridget Nielson describes Earth chakras as “wormhole-like energy gates” that magnify the energetic frequencies in our individual bodies. When you visit them in person, she says, your own energetic frequency will attune to the frequency of the site, which can feel clarifying and amplify your sense of oneness and your connection to everything.

It’s easy to get mired in conflicting schools of thought when digging into research on Earth chakras. There is a range of ideas about how energy flows and how we interact with it. Connections to ancient fables, archetypes and predictions for the future read like alchemic riddles. Some believe that these energies are portals through which we can reach multiple dimensions and communicate with discarnate or alien life. And there are conflicting thoughts about the wisdom these energies may hold about the cosmic, conscious development of this and future epochs.

But Currivan says that our connection to Gaia, and experiencing its benefits, can be quite simple. She’s led many journeys to sacred places around the world and feels a palpable energy at Earth chakra sites. In her experience of taking groups to these sacred sites around the world, people often have powerful, transformative experiences, but she approaches these experiences with caution. She often sees people either have a breakthrough only to regress upon turning home, feel disappointed if a breakthrough doesn’t happen, or subscribe to a belief that to connect with the Earth, one must spend thousands of dollars to go “out there” to achieve healing and growth.

Not true. She wants to make sure we don’t focus so much on the Earths’ chakras that “we’re in danger of not realizing the deeper, more important truth and realities that will help us heal our relationship with ourselves,” Currivan says. Adding it’s not productive to focus too much on one place being especially energetically charged or sacred. “Every aspect of our planetary home, of Gaia, is sacred.”

How to Connect to the Energy of the Earth Anywhere

Nielson encourages us to follow our instincts. “You will be attracted to certain locations to pick up and merge with the specific vibrations presently needed for your growth and evolution,” she writes, though you don’t need to be physically there to connect. “The frequencies of these locations live within you, even if you are on the other side of the planet. Tune in to them, meditate with them, study them and gaze at pictures of these places and you can connect.”

The priority, according to Currivan, is to “remember our relationship with Gaia as sacred, which, of course, many indigenous people still do, and many ancient cultures certainly did. To me, that’s more important than ‘chakras,’ whatever they may be, wherever they may be.” Currivan encourages us to connect with Gaia in our own gardens, our own homes. Get quiet, she says. Go outside. Listen. Observe. After all, she says, “consciousness isn’t something we have, it’s something we, and the whole world, are.”

Published on: April 21, 2018

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