Maximizing the Energy of the Great Solar Eclipse

Published on August 21, 2017

Your Astrological Forecast for August 20–27, 2017

The Great Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21, at 28: 52 Leo is the big event this week. The planetary energy is extremely unusual and potentially volatile, especially with Mars in the mix with the eclipse. Keep things easy and go slowly and carefully. Be patient and kind in your encounters. There are numerous planets in retrograde motion: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, Juno and Mercury. The retrograde energy is turned inward and not so easily expressed.

The Energy of the Great Solar Eclipse

The great eclipse calls us to ask how we can shine our light in the world brighter. The eclipse path cuts the United States in half between South and North. The shadows of racism are being illuminated. There is a movement to take down the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Hate groups embedded primarily in the South are rising up. We are being called to stand up for racial justice and equality. At the same time, the movie STEP was just released and is being promoted. This is an inspiring, heartwarming movie about the first graduating class of a Baltimore black women’s charter school who wins a STEP competition and all earn college placements. Take the time to see it over the coming week.

Leo symbolizes children and creative self-expression. Make a donation of time or money to a project that supports children. Play music or write a poem. Make a point of expressing your creativity and generosity.

Mercury continues retrograde, along with the six other planets listed above, and will be in reverse motion until September 5. During this time, there are often mechanical failures and mistakes in written and spoken communication. Check twice for appointment times, agreements and accuracy of communication. Be patient and understanding about errors and mix-ups. This Mercury retrograde cycle is made for review, reconsidering, renegotiating and reworking. Saturn turns the tide on Friday when it turns direct.

What to Expect This Week

Sunday is glorious, with numerous benefic aspects and planetary combinations encouraging vision, action, expansion and breakthrough. All the ingredients are available to balance expansion and contraction, and measure and risk. This is the day before the Great Eclipse, and the planets are aligned to support a bold vision and an innovative expression. If you haven’t already pondered the intentions you want to set for the Solar Eclipse, do it today. The day’s most powerful aspects are Mars-sextile-Jupiter and Sun-trine-Uranus, alignments that promote expansion and breakthrough.

Monday—the day of the Great Solar Eclipse arrives! The potential of this eclipse is that we can break old patterns and let go of old issues that have been keeping us stuck. However, this is a volatile day. Go slowly. Be calm. Allow things to settle before moving forward. Shortly after the eclipse the Moon moves into Virgo tropically, giving more grounding.

Get Ready for Virgo Energy

The Sun enters Virgo tropically on Tuesday; joining the Moon in this mutable Earth sign, it will be a solid day for a new start. Virgo symbolizes efficiency and orientation to tasks that need to be done. Lean in, get organized and get to work. Mars makes a benefic trine to Saturn, giving the fuel to make great strides and get a lot accomplished. On the other hand, Neptune opposed to the Moon midday slows us down and makes us a bit dreamy. The Moon is conjunct the asteroid Vesta, goddess of the hearth, and these make a benefic trine to Pluto—a powerful combination capable of moving a lot of good things forward. Altogether, Tuesday’s alignments support big accomplishments. You can translate some of the vision and intention of the eclipse into action.

Wednesday’s continuing Virgo Moon supports an efficient, well-organized morning to get things accomplished. Then, from 1:02pm–6:05pm PDT the Moon is Void of Course, a time to pause and attend to routine matters of little consequence. Don’t waste your time on meetings or anything requiring decisions. At 6:05pm PDT the Moon moves into lovely Libra, the sign that symbolizes relationships, and charm and grace. In the glow of a benefic Libra Moon-Leo Venus sextile, the stage is set for a beautiful evening. Enjoy a leisurely dinner at a well-appointed table with your beloved, your family or dear friends.

Breaking free and expressing our individuality are Thursday’s themes (Venus square Uranus). In contrast, the harmonious Libra Moon calls us to relationship. Try something new.

At last, Saturn stations on Friday at 21:10 Sagittarius, turning direct in motion after being retrograde for five months. Now there’s a green light for projects that have been in suspension for several months. Friday is a cosmically packed day with numerous aspects, mostly positive. The evening may deliver a few surprises as a result of the Moon-Uranus opposition. Venus enters Leo—let’s get the party started!

Turn Inward Toward the End of the Week

The weekend turns somber Saturday and Sunday with the Moon in Scorpio. We want to draw inward when the Moon is in Scorpio. Mars is conjunct the North Node, a volatile aspect. Put the volatile energy to work, and get some vigorous exercise. Watch a thriller or a deep, ponderous movie. 

Sunday’s theme is the tension between expansion and contraction, highlighted by the exact square to Jupiter. We can ground our visions and manifest our dreams. Look back on this pivotal week and take stock. As summer turns into fall, consider how you will turn your life with the seasonal change.

The Week in Short

Sunday: The day before the Great Solar Eclipse: Set intentions to take a big, bold evolutionary step forward.

Monday: The Great Solar Eclipse! Express positive energy, but go slow and easy.

Tuesday: Get organized and get moving! A lot can be accomplished!

Wednesday: A lot can be accomplished in the morning. Moon is Void of Course 1:02pm–6:05pm PDT.

Thursday: Try some new forms of fun.

Friday: Saturn turns direct. Cosmically packed day. Enjoy a fun evening!

Saturday: Draw inward. Emotions run deep.

Sunday: Take stock of the days’ tension between expansion and contraction; make a plan for manifesting a dream.

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Published on: August 21, 2017

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