Bluma Project Spirit Earrings


A delicate gold chain that threads through the ears, and ends with a tassel



Why We Love This

For thousands of years, wearing tassels has carried spiritual significance. They’re tactile reminders of the many miracles that surround us every day. These simple tasseled earrings are an easy way to connect us with centuries of tradition.


In some cultures, earrings were once believed to stop evil spirits from entering the body. These, with their swinging gold vermeil chains and colorful tassels, are perfect for keeping any kind of bad juju far away. Envisioned by New York designer Beth Shaeffer and handmade by a collective of women artisans, they carry the lighthearted energy of friends, laughing and bonding over handiwork as they create better lives for themselves and their families. Available in a variety of colors.

About the Maker

Founded by designer Beth Shaeffer, Brooklyn-based Bluma Project features jewelry, textiles and accessories that are handcrafted in developing countries such as Peru, Guatemala, Philippines and India. Shaeffer works with the artisans to encourage an organic and modern feel while staying true to their use of ancient techniques. Blending fashion with culturally inspired aesthetics and globally minded business practices, Bluma Project is dedicated to world travelers everywhere with a sense of wanderlust.

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