Bodhi Tree Smudge Essentials Box


A curated box of tools for an energy-clearing ritual.
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Why We Love This

Smudging is one of our favorite ways to change our own energy and the energy of the space we’re in, and it always leaves us feeling simultaneously rejuvenated and peaceful. That’s why we wanted to create this Smudging Essentials Box for you. It’s packed with everything you need to practice this ancient ritual: sustainably sourced California white sage, a palo santo stick, a clear seed crystal, a naturally molted turkey feather, an abalone shell and a vial of sand.


The practice of smudging has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries in energy-clearing ceremonies and healing rituals. The smoke is believed to disperse impurities, allowing healing to commence. In our Smudging Essentials Box, you’ll find a purifying bundle of sustainably sourced California white sage and a stick of palo santo wrapped with a seed crystal, which is charged to promote healing and wisdom. Representing an offering from the ocean and imbued with the nurturing energies of the water element, the abalone shell is intended to hold the lit smudge; simply pour the sand inside to protect it from heat. A turkey feather, traditionally used to guide the sacred smoke and shift the vibrations of a space, is connected to the earth element, symbolizing abundance and fertility. Also included in the box is a Guide to Smudging. We hope these offerings help to uplift your spirit and elevate your life.

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