The Strong Collective Capricorn Energy Heralds Change

Published on December 23, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

Your Weekly Astrology Forecast December 23-29, 2019

Winter is upon us, opened by Saturday evening’s Winter Solstice, the Sun’s entry into Capricorn. The Sun joins Jupiter, Venus, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn, pointing us toward responsibilities, plans, and goals. That’s six planets and the South Node in Capricorn! Capricorn symbolizes structures, government, and rules; change is in process through the workings of the strong collective energy in Capricorn. What structures in your own life do you want to change? 

Mars is still in Scorpio through January 3rd giving drive, passion, and focus. There is an annular Solar Eclipse on December 25th. Sun/Jupiter and Uranus are in trine aspect in earth signs, innovative energy for practical change. Saturn is closing in on Pluto, only one degree apart by the end of the week, growing toward their first exact powerful conjunction on January 12th. There is tremendous positive energy again this week with the Sun-Jupiter-Uranus alignment, along with the dynamic energy of the Solar Eclipse and Saturn-Pluto conjunction. These strong alignments offer great potential for ardent, creative, and transformative expression.

prepare for a joyful christmas eve 

On Monday morning the Moon bounces into optimistic Sagittarius, and makes a benefic trine to healer Chiron. Get some strong exercise. A benefic Moon-Venus sextile softens our focus, and draws us to attend to the remainder of our shopping list, and relax a bit before the intensity of the holiday—and Solar Eclipse—ahead.

Christmas Eve the Moon is in free-spirited Sagittarius, an optimal day to fly off for the holidays. The Sun makes a benefic trine to Uranus. We want to break free of responsibilities; may it be so for a joyful holiday. Tuesday expect a few surprises and open to an awesome Christmas Eve. The Moon is dark, so find some quiet space and time in the midst of the holiday celebrations.

enjoy a cosmically eventual christmas day 

Wednesday, Christmas Day is cosmically eventful, as it holds a Solar Eclipse in taciturn Capricorn, with expansive Jupiter in close conjunction. The Moon also makes a benefic trine to Uranus, an aspect of surprise, truth, and awakening. There are seven planetary bodies in Capricorn, and ten in close proximity, focusing a lot of planetary in one segment of the sky, and influencing our horoscopes. Eclipses may not result in events or realizations exactly on the day. This eclipse energy may be influenced by events from the last eclipses in July 2019. The strong and poignant alignments in Capricorn call for reforming structures.

Thursday carries some ease, allowing us to rest from the intensity of the eclipse and Christmas Day activities, and before the intensity of the Moon’s conjunctions with Saturn and Pluto tomorrow. The Moon and Ceres conjunct, the two planets having to do with nourishment. The Moon aligns with Neptune Thursday evening, calling us to relax. Make it a homey evening with family. You may want to watch an inspiring movie or read a book.

You may as well rise early Friday and make the most of the demanding lunar alignments with Saturn and Pluto. Thankfully, they all make benefic alignments with get-up-and-go Mars. Sun conjuncts Jupiter, adding verve and spirit to the day. Friday is a bold, dynamic day. With powerful alignments in hard-working Capricorn, the day has much to offer. Make it count. You can get a lot accomplished.

focus on future possibilities and responsibilities 

We get some distance from demands when the Moon moves into Aquarius on Saturday, and we focus on the future and a world we would like to make possible. The Moon is conjunct Venus, good energy for enjoying friends and conversation.

Mercury enters Capricorn on Sunday, focusing us again on plans, goals, and responsibilities for the next few weeks through January 16th. Sunday is another friendly, easy day. When the Moon is in Aquarius, we are concerned about social and political causes and want to contribute to the welfare of others. As we are near the end of the year, this would be a great day to consider what organizations you care about, and make your year-end donations.

The Week in Short:

Monday: Optimism and high energy at hand. Finish your holiday tasks and then relax.

Christmas Eve Tuesday: Break free and get your holiday going. Be open to surprises.

Christmas Day Wednesday: Solar Eclipse! Day of strong energy and new beginnings. Tune in to your intuition and truth.

Thursday: Allow yourself to be nourished on this restful, easy day.

Friday: Demanding day with great potential for accomplishment. Make it count.

Saturday: Lighten up and enjoy a sweet, social day with friends.

Sunday: Make year-end contributions to your favorite social causes.

Published on: December 23, 2019

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