Welcoming Libra Season and the Autumnal Equinox 

Published on September 23, 2019

Article by Cathy Coleman for Bodhi Tree

your weekly astrological forecast for September 23 – 29

The Sun ingresses into Libra on Monday, September 23rd, the Fall Equinox, marking the beginning of autumn and the last quarter of the year.  Saturn stationed direct this past week, and now our projects and business affairs can move forward after months of limitation. Saturn and the South Node remain conjunct, and close to Pluto, all in controlling Capricorn. Themes of disruption abound across the world, and weather patterns continue to be intense. Stay conscious and awake, and do your best in the navigation of life.

the autumnal equinox calls for focusing on what is meaningful

The Sun ingresses into Libra on Monday, marking the Autumnal Equinox when day and night are equal. The Cancer Moon draws out the intensity of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Numerous planets are in cardinal, action-oriented signs. Several edgy aspects may prepare us for early January’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction. The demanding energy of this last quarter of the year calls us to restructure, streamline, and consolidate. We need to put our households and our finances in good order, and focus on what is meaningful and essential.

The Moon is in playful Leo on Tuesday and Wednesday. The day sparkles with a Mercury-Jupiter sextile, and a Sun-Moon sextile, in addition to the lively Leo Moon. Tuesday is a feel-good day, infused with the element of surprise from a mid-day Moon-Uranus square. Our thinking is clear and expansive. Conversation may lead to surprising ideas and solutions.

In contrast to yesterday’s expansive thinking, Wednesday’s Mercury-Saturn square fosters more contracted, discerning thinking. The big ideas from yesterday can be considered under the lens of this day’s more discriminating lens. A Moon-Jupiter trine gives optimism, in contrast to the Mercury-Saturn discernment. The Moon is void of course all day from 9:14 a.m. PDT through tomorrow at 3:37 a.m. PDT. This day is best for routine, insignificant tasks. Don’t waste time in meetings, and refrain from substantial decisions which may prove unsound.

the moon in virgo calls for creating order out of chaos

With the Moon in Virgo, Thursday and Friday are the days of the month to put your life in order. Thursday’s benefic Moon-Uranus trine can bring swift solutions for creating order out of chaos. A Mercy-Pluto square is perplexing, and yet there is a desire to figure things out.

Friday is yet another golden clean-up day, infused with numerous aspects, both benefic and challenging. Lunar aspects to Mars and Pluto supercharge the day with drive and strong energy. You can move mountains—and also enjoy the work. An exact Saturn-South node alignment calls us to change outworn structures. The Moon is dark, the time of the month to draw inward.

a new lunar month calls for us to re-align our partnerships

Saturday’s New Moon at 5:20 degrees of Libra tropically signals a new lunar month. This alignment calls us to re-align and re-invigorate our partnerships. A bonus for the relationship focus is a benefic Venus-Jupiter sextile. Expansive, loving energy flows. Venus and Mars, feminine and masculine planets respectively, embrace each side of the New Moon. With the Saturn-South Node conjunction in the mix, this New Moon calls for progressive restructuring of relationships. Dysfunctional or outworn patterns call for change. If the evening is unscheduled, plan something special.

Sunday morning is lovely and bright with the Moon conjunct Venus, and in benefic aspect to Jupiter. Midday the Moon makes an edgy square to Pluto. In cardinal signs, these planets call for action. Put this dynamic, provocative energy to work on a demanding project, and take some steps forward. Work hard, and later enjoy some sweet social time with those you love.

The Week in Short

Monday: Fall Equinox. Sun ingresses into Libra. Edgy, productive day.

Tuesday: Sparkling day that invites expansive thinking.

Wednesday: Exercise discernment with expansive ideas. Weigh vision against practicality. Moon VoC 9:14 a.m. PDT through Thursday at 3:37 a.m. PST.

Thursday: Put your life in order.

Friday: Supercharged day to get a lot accomplished. Pedal to the metal.

Saturday: New Moon in Libra. Re-invigorate relationships.

Sunday: Work hard and enjoy some sweet social time.

Published on: September 23, 2019

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