Bodha Smokeless Organic Incense


Why We Love This

This scent, Calm, is a blend of delicate florals. The sweet balsam of lavender helps with relaxation, while the leafy rose aroma of geranium helps lift mood. There’s also a hint of rosewood floral nutmeg. Designed to be used any time of day or night to create a feeling of inner quiet, we think it’s ideal before sleep.

Ideal to use at the start of a new creation, Refresh is a blend of three florals, perfectly balanced to cleanse and rejuvenate. Cyclamen helps with clearing the mind, while the intense aroma of jasmine energizes and uplifts. Gentle primrose sweetly balances with its calm and restful strengths.

Designed to help regain focus and reconnect, Ground is a blend of foraged forest botanicals. Smoky, spicy Japanese cypress provides a piney scent of reassurance and comfort, while the woodsy tones of cedarwood keep one rooted. Bergamot’s slightly sweet and mildly spicy notes provide an uplifting feeling.

The refined aroma of Purify is designed to encourage new beginnings. Pink lotus, a flower of antiquity, is associated with stillness and devotion and emanates a lightly floral, ethereal scent. The energizing scent of jasmine motivates and encourages.


Open this box to a stack of deep periwinkle blue sticks, a color associated with truth and peace, and connect to the power of scent. Burning incense creates a sensory experience that’s part of a ritual for deeper living. Whether for yoga or mediation practices, or simple relaxation, this smokeless incense brings a bit of ceremony into daily life. Using the finest woods and essential oils, this all-natural scent is crafted in Japan by artisan incense makers. Each box contains 60 beautifully colored vines.

About the Maker

Bodha believes we can connect with our inner selves through fragrance, and by burning incense, bring a sense of ritual to daily life. Bodha designs scents that help calm and purify as a way to maintain lifelong centeredness. Their range of scents is a modern collection based on the ancient ritual, made with the finest materials, designed in Los Angeles, and produced by artisans from New Zealand to Japan.

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