Red Cedar Incense


32 Red Cedar incense cones with wooden burner


Why We Love This

We bet these cones of Red Cedar Incense will become a household favorite for their fresh, invigorating scent and cleansing properties. We like to light one in the included wooden burner and embrace the day with the same vigor and strength as the cedar scent.


Red Cedar is a tree with an impressive history. Renowned by native peoples in both America and the ancient world, cedar was the sole wood featured in the construction of the famed temple of Solomon. In Native American traditions, the power of the cedar tree is invoked to amplify one’s inner potential and provide a cleansing effect. A wood used extensively for dedications and consecrations, cedar is also known to have protective and cleansing properties. The box contains 32 cones and a wooden burner. Made in the USA.

About the Maker

Izola was founded in New York nearly a decade ago by Neil Rasmus, with the idea of bringing great design to everyday tools and objects. Izola draws on timeless, utilitarian objects as inspiration for their line. Combining function with form to create items that stand out, the brand has come to be known for the attention to detail and craftsmanship that characterize their products. Izola’s ultimate goal is “to make well-designed and stylish goods for men and for the women who love them.”

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