Scents of Awe Magi Body Oil


A unisex cleansing and moisturizing oil containing powerful concentrates including ormus gold

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Why We Love This

This ormus gold revitalizing oil is based on an ancient Egyptian way of cleansing the face. Here it’s blended with frankincense, pine, turmeric, sea buckthorn berry in a base of hazelnut and kukui oils to bring a powerful dimension to the daily skincare ritual.


This oil, infused with ormus gold, is a highly restorative healing formula, with powers so unusual, it’s suggested that to monitor thoughts and intentions while using it. The maker also recommends that the bottle is kept at least one to two feet away from technology and strong magnets. Why? Some say that ormus gold has primal energy, and that it can actually shift energy. It’s also said to have incredible healing properties.

About the Maker

After discovering that anything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, Paula Ferraro began blending high-vibe aromatic essences to rub on her belly during pregnancy. She researched botanical blends and how they connect us to the forces of nature, and soon a business grew up alongside her baby. Working with suppliers who share a vision for ethical production, Scents of Awe reflects both Paula’s Native American heritage, and her informed point of view.

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