Ume Collection Traditional Incense

This 100% all-natural incense is warming, clearing and sensual


Why We Love This

This pure plant incense is a blend of precious medicinal plants, herbs, spices, aromatic tree barks, seeds and saps, informed by ancient recipes and exotic locales. Ajanta incense, inspired by ancient Buddhist temples, is a sensual scent formulated to cleanse and clear.


Inspired by the exotic Maharashtra region of India and its mysterious art, burning this blend could be considered a transcendent experience. It starts with spicy clove and cinnamon to wake up the senses, then camphor and lemongrass warm and comfort. A thread of licorice leads one deeper into this scent. Burning incense creates dedicated time and sacred space for meditation, relaxation as well as practicing energy arts such as yoga and tai chi. Ume honors this ancient ritual by creating ethically-sourced fragrances inspired by indigenous customs and ceremonies. Each paper box contains 30 incense sticks that are about 6î long and burn for 33 minutes each.

About the Maker

Ume is devoted to creating pure plant-based incense using only premium raw, natural ingredients. Ume’s founder, Emma Leafe sought out the most authentic and rare incense fragrances and ingredients in faraway temples, teahouses and sacred sites. Crisscrossing the globe she was inspired by ancient incense recipes and exotic botanicals and spices. Ume sources ingredients from independent businesses and craftspeople, ensuring the finest quality in to every product.

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