Zomer Chime

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Five handmade, hand-tuned desert bells assembled into a single hanging chime


Why We Love This

This five-bell chime could stand alone as a piece of Indian art if it was simply hung on a wall. But place it in a window or outside on a tree branch, where the breeze can jingle the chime, and hear the tones of an ancient land, resonating history and tradition.


These bells are made in the desert region of western India by Janmamad Luhar, who uses a technique passed down from generation to generation. Whole families are typically trained and involved in the process. The bells are formed from sheets of recycled steel that are beaten into shape by hand and dipped in copper; a dough, made of flour and wheat, is molded around them. They are then buried under hot desert sand in a kiln. This process heats and then slowly cools the metals, creating the bronze patina. After firing, they are individually hand-tuned. The chime is approximately 8″ in length.

About the Maker

The philosophy behind Indika springs from a deep belief in preserving the techniques and spirit of traditional Indian craft. The company, based in Oregon, offers authentic handmade objects and furnishings from India, and only buys what is offered for sale, rather than pushing an American or European aesthetic on the craftspeople. In this way, Indika not only helps support artisans, but also honors their indigenous notions of beauty. The handcrafted pieces reflect the true nature of the people who create them.

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